1. Vabulldog

    How many times a day should a 12 week puppy poop?

    We are feeding him twice a day. I'm going to start keeping a journal but I feel like he's pooping more than I'd expect. I'd expect after meals, in the am, before bed maybe throw in a lunch and that'd be 5 tops. Am I off? He's eating Purina Pro puppy formula.
  2. C

    Bulldog Too skinny?

    Have a 5 month english bulldog and feeding him Acana puppy plan twice a day 1 cup and doesn't seem to be gaining weight, looks skinny for me but need y'all opinion. Am I feeding him too little? Just curious... comparing him to most English bulldogs I've seen that are chunky.
  3. C

    General Question Feeding our 9 Week Old

    Hi All, Just after some advice. on how much food we should be feeding Max, We purchased the same branding food that the breeders has (Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Bulldog Dry Puppy Food) Max weighs 4KG & is 9 Weeks old - we are trying to confirm what is the correct portions to be...
  4. T

    What weight on average should a 10 day old pup be at?

    I know this may be a very broad question, but i cant help ask as i see videos online of some huge puppies and my pups are only at 9-110z at 10 days old and i see some folks claiming puppies this age should be around 20oz. i strictly bottle feed around 6 times per day. and the puppies drink about...
  5. Ranger777

    Y'all. I need my people. I need your help and advice.

    Some of you may know that Ranger like some in here suffer with a TON OF FOOD ALLERGIES. Well his allergies had became quite bad and we begin an elimination diet. Finally after tons of try's and fails and staph spots galore, we decided some months back to jump in with both feet and go with HK...
  6. Lalaloopsie

    Question to experienced home cookers

    Dear friends, it is now almost 3 months I started home cooking for my dog. As he had awful allergy, I had to go for very limited component diet. His allergy expressed in severe shedding, interdigital cysts, red runny eyes, red lips and cheeks, sores in nose rope and area under eye. The worst...
  7. J

    Help Needed! Fretting over food!!!

    I am fretting ridiculously over what food to feed our 3 1/2 month old English bulldog. We are first time EB owners. We have had Frenchies in the past but never an English. He came to us beautiful and healthy on Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy food from the breeder. His coat was shiny and soft...
  8. A

    Bullies and vegetables/fruit

    Hello everyone, new here and new bully owner! I have a question regarding feeding our canine friends fresh veggies and/or fruit. What's good, what's bad, what's your general experience? Anything I should absolutely avoid?? Thanks!!
  9. winstonpup

    Help Needed! New pup and I'm a first time owner

    I have been doing as much research as I can, and I understand every bully is different, but can anyone give me an idea on how much to feed my pup when I bring him home? I am so overwhelmed on what foods to get and with some being quite pricey, I want something healthy and won't kill my bank...