1. A

    Misshapen Ears??

    After spending 4 days in a traditional, hard plastic E-Collar, my 10 week old puppy’s ears went from normal, low lying ears to high, pointed ears! Will they relax back to normal shape on their own? I keep massaging his ears. I’ve switched his cone/E-Collar to an inflatable style collar.
  2. Old School Dropout

    Ears on a 10 week old pup

    Hello everyone, I've been reading for a while on this excellent site getting info I need in anticipation of bringing home Dozer - He is just a bit over 10 weeks old and doing great. Everything I could have wanted and more, to say my family and I are greatly attached is a big...
  3. D

    Help Needed! Sick Dexter, it's one thing or another with him.

    I have a Bully named Dexter, he is 7 years old now. Dexter has had some problems. He's had 2 surgeries for bladder stones, and now severe allergies. He's had the hot spots, droopy eyes, red feet and hair loss. Oh and the severe ear infections. Most all is cleared up now. He can not take pills...
  4. Vabulldog

    Puppy ears

    My puppy, Bruce, is holding one of his ears back all of sudden. Is this normal during the teething phase? He's going into his 11th week. When I get home I can upload a picture. Jim