1. colinrac

    Bulldog Diaries Update! Feat. Stella!

    Hey everyone, I'm back with some new Bulldog comics! Check it out. :D You can follow Bulldog Diaries on Facebook, Instagram and on the official website.
  2. colinrac

    Bulldog Diaries № 24 - "Mother Nature"

    On Tapastic: http://bit.ly/1MmFHqr On Tumblr: Bulldog Diaries : Photo On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bulldogdiaries On Twitter: https://twitter.com/bulldogcomic Please share on your social networks if you like! :-D
  3. colinrac

    Bulldog Diaries №14 - They have so much in common...

    Hey everyone, new comic strip for Bulldog Diaries! You have to admit... They DO have SOME similarities... Follow on Facebook > Bulldog Diaries | Facebook Follow on Twitter > Bulldog Diaries (@bulldogcomic) | Twitter Follow on Tumblr > Bulldog Diaries
  4. colinrac

    Bulldog Diaries - Featuring my Bulldog Stella.

    Hi everyone, You might have seen my introductory thread with Stella, I'll post my comics in this thread starting... Now! If you like the comics, I invite you like the Facebook page (www.fb.com/bulldogdiaries) and the Tumblr page (Bulldog Diaries), and share it with your friends. :-) Strip #12...
  5. colinrac

    Stella, the star of my webcomic

    Hi everyone, I presented myself earlier in the Introduction forums, now I'm showing you some Stella pics. She's amazing! When she was a puppy... Posing... Cheering for our hockey team! She's always making that face. 90's album cover fish-eye stylin! Check out my webcomic featuring...
  6. colinrac

    Silly English Bulldog owner and webcomic artist

    Hi mates, I'm Colin, from Montreal Canada, and I own a two years old bulldog called Stella. Here's a portrait of myself and Stella. She's a doll, and I love her very much. So much in fact, that I created a webcomic in her honour. Fellow bulldog owners, I'm sure you'll see your own bulldog in...