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  1. SBbulldog

    New Owner - Food Advice

    Hi, I am a new bulldog mom to Otto (14wks). I had a question about food. I originally purchased Royal Canin, and now understand it’s crap, so have switched him over to Acana Wholesome Grains. I see a lot of posts advocating grain-free, but my vet told me “grain free is a joke and dogs need...
  2. S


    Hi there! I am new here and currently looking for suggestions on low fat dog foods for my heavy girl. I switched her to TOTW about 4 months ago but I am seeing that the fat content is around 18% and I have been reading that I should have put her on something that has less than 12% fat...
  3. babytrappy


    Hello! My English bulldog is turning 9 months soon. When i got him he was in health extension or something i forgot what it’s called because it’s terrible!!! I hated that his tear stain was bad and his stool was so soft and his coat wasn’t as shiny. So i made the switch right away to TOTW grain...
  4. Vabulldog

    Best food for English Bulldogs

    Hello everyone, I was wondering what the best food you would recommend feeding an adult English Bulldog and why? Bruce drags his face along the carpet and furniture because of itchy eyes. He also wiggles around like there is an itch he can't get to on his back. I've tried: 1. Taste of the...
  5. Vabulldog

    What is the best food for a bulldog with allergies?

    Hello everyone! Bruce my old year old bulldog started to get scabs on his back when we moved to Virginia from NH. Even while on antibiotics the scabs have continued although slightly better. I'm starting to lean towards a food allergy. He's eating Taste of The Wild Pacific Stream recipe. I...
  6. michaelsbroly

    Help Needed! New English Bulldog Puppy 8Weeks old!! Wanting to Change to a higher quality food.

    Hi i am new to this forum, Broly an 8 week English Bulldog has just joined our family. We want the best for him and the breeder was feeding them Blue Buffalo puppy formula. I don't see that as a high quality food and his stools have never been really solid they range from runny to kind of solid...
  7. B

    Help Needed! What food would be best for my young bully

    Bentley is going to be a year old in a month and I am looking into new foods for him, to start weening him off of puppy food. Currently, Bentley is on Wellness Complete Puppy food and he has issues with his stool, it has always been very soft. He gets pumpkin with his food daily to help firm it...
  8. P


    I am wanting to try "Natures Logic" for my dog since it is free of synthetic vitamins. So now I an curious: where can I find a coupon for this brand?