1. YokoDenver

    Need Denver vet

    I think my pup Loki blew out his knee. Unfortunately, Dr T Geiselhardt is sick along with 4 other vets at Homestead Animal Hospital and can’t see him until after 1/20/22 does anyone have another bulldog recommended vet I can take him to? I already took him to see his regular neighborhood vet...
  2. B

    Hello from Denver, CO!

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to hi and introduce my bully to this awesome forum. My name is Mike and my adopted OEB's name is Bruce. We got him from a friend at two years of age. My friend was working and going to school so he barely had time for Bruce. Bruce was used to being locked up in a...
  3. C

    We want bulldog puppies at our wedding!

    Hello all, my fiance and I have an 11 year old english named Leon and he is our world (well outside of each other :)). We were trying to think how we could make our upcoming wedding (5/23/15) unique and incorporate some things we love and we would really love to incorporate our love of...