coconut oil

  1. Bryan4Bella7

    Better Body Foods Organic Coconut Oil

    So I recently have heard about the usage of cocunut oil on bulldogs paws, snouts, and coats to help better health, look, and feel. I will post the article below and I am sure some of you are aware of this trend and may use it on your bulldogs or dogs currently. I am just wondering if this is...
  2. NewEnglandBully

    Tear Stain Adventure Blog

    After trying a few grain-free kibbles and before diving into the world of "Raw", Bass is now going to try Brothers Complete. We have tried...Pioneer Naturals, Fromm, Natural Balance and TOTW...out of all of them, Pioneer Naturals seemed the best for tear stains, but they were still there. Now...
  3. P

    Coconut oil & weight?

    Hi everybody!Petey had his annual head-to-toe checkup last week.He's in perfect health @10yo except the vet wants him to lose 5 lbs. His weight at time of rescue was 50 lbs, according to records. Now he's 64!! OOPS.Prior to his appt, his diet was 1.5 c Fromm's Weight Mgmt Gold 2x day. I also...