1. L

    Experiences with Librela?

    My vet suggested Librela for my soon to be 9 year old’s arthritis. She said it was recently approved in the U.S. and has been considered extremely safe and highly effective - almost a miracle drug. It is basically a monoclonal antibody injection (received monthly) that supposedly attacks/masks...
  2. L

    Older bulldog suddenly not eating from bowl?

    Hi everyone. This is my first post - I tried searching but could not find anything relevant. My (soon to be) 8 year old English bully Luna suddenly stopped eating from her bowl about a week ago. She will eat only if hand fed. This was a very sudden change in behavior since her meals had...
  3. L

    Any suggestions for natural treatment of arthritis?

    Hey guys! I am new to the website and was hoping to get some advice! I have 2 english bulldogs both with a multitude of health issues. My youngest, Samie, is 4 and has Crohn's Disease. My oldest, Hercules, is a rescue that the vet thinks is around 10 years old and we have had for about a year...
  4. Lkane0322

    Senior Dog HELP PLEASE

    Hi everyone! I have not been on the forums in a while so let me introduce myself! My name is Lisa and my baby's name is Bailey. Except he isn't a baby anymore, he is 12 years old and will be 13 in April!!! I know how lucky I am but it doesn't make his decline any easier to handle. I am in...
  5. OpieRay

    So we had Xrays

    Hello bulldog community! Here is a quick update: Opie is 11 months old. Since he was about 6 months old we noticed his hips would pop everytime he took a step. We couldn't hear them, but we could feel them. We have had him on glucosamine since. We took him to the vet at 8 months and had the...