1. BarbaraShepperson

    Puppy chin acne

    Hi all, Our 7 mo. old girl is having an ongoing issue with chin acne. She has had it for about two months. We keep bowls and face clean, and have tried wrinkle balm, brushing teeth, changing food, colostrum, and several other remedies. It is now worse than ever. Everything else with her skin and...
  2. B

    Acne or bumps on my puppy

    Hello fellow bully friends, I have a 9 week old puppy. I clean my his face everyday and dry it right after. I have been noticing redbbumps that look like pimples near his nose, on his chin, and inside his folds. He uses stainless steel bowls. I just donā€™t know what it could be from. Does anybody...