acl surgery

  1. YokoDenver

    Need Denver vet

    I think my pup Loki blew out his knee. Unfortunately, Dr T Geiselhardt is sick along with 4 other vets at Homestead Animal Hospital and canā€™t see him until after 1/20/22 does anyone have another bulldog recommended vet I can take him to? I already took him to see his regular neighborhood vet...
  2. I

    recovery from ACL surgery

    Hey All! I really need some guidance here. Georgia is 3 and has a torn ACL. She had surgery last Monday. We thought everything was fine and then she started limping and crying pretty badly a few days ago. We went back to the vet for a check up and it's torn AGAIN. We have had her on limited...
  3. N

    My dog is limping... help?

    I just signed up for this Forum today, so I may not be posting this in the right place, but was hoping someone could help me. I have an English Bulldog that started limping last night when I went to let him out. He tore his ACL a year ago, and had surgery and has been fine ever since. He is 3...
  4. S

    Help Misty

    Misty's Story: On Saturday Misty unfortunately tore her ACL while doing what she loves to do best, running around with her older human brothers. Misty was just running around, as she usually does, when all of a sudden she abruptly stops, sits, and begins to walk without putting any pressure on...