1. Vabulldog

    Help with 7 month old potty training

    I'm struggling with house training my 7 month old intact male puppy. He's great in his crate, no accidents or issues there. He sits, down, stay, waits for ok to eat, so I believe he's intelligent. He poops on a regular schedule so no accidents at all. But peeing, omg. He doesn't have a lot of...
  2. megdav

    another pee question

    Hi all! So, Dozer is very attached to me (aww :) ). When I go out somewhere and my brother in law and/or husband are home, Dozer won't go out to pee for them. They'll open the door, but he won't go. Even if they go out ahead of him. Then he'll have an accident. I know he is probably too attached...
  3. M


    My 15month old EB will sneak away to go potty in the house behind the dining room table or on the landing of the stairs and sometimes on my bed when i leave the room to get something. I feel like he knows its bad, thats why he hides when he does it. When i say lets go potty, and we go outside i...