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    After neutering it will take many months for the testosterone levels to go down. If you cannot get a handle on this soon he will have to be put down or he will eventually injure someone severely. His bite inhibition is gone, obviously and getting it back(training it back) is very unlikely. He...
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    Should we neuter or not?

    As Cbrugs stated...neuter.
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    Introducing Charlee.... my newest foster

    This is so cool...Yay for Miss Charlee!!
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    Bear had his BOAS surgery!

    Great News!! I think what you should notice most(besides a quieter breathing boy) is that his stamina will be WAY up. This doesn't mean, however, that he won't you'll still have to be careful about that. Thanks for posting up his story. Again...Great News!!
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    Have I Been Canceled?

    What’s up?
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    My aged bully has scaly sores/never stops

    Agree with aforementioned...especially the skin scraping/sensitivity test to make sure you are dosing the correct, most effective antibiotic. Many Vets will give too short of a course of medications. Some dogs need at least 6 weeks.
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    THANKS! I was thinking about you today...hope things have steadied a bit. Give Ollie a hug from ALL of us!
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    Meet Sadie

    I can picture her now running circles around and jumping over Jake and Nyala. Looking forward to more pics of them interacting. Should be a riot! Congrats, Helene
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    How old is the dog? How much does it weigh? What are you feeding ? How much are you feeding? What does this dog eat besides mealtime food? Has the dog been X-rayed for blockage?
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    to all EBN Bulldogs and families!!!
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    Porkchop passed his senior physical!

    Excellent report. So glad to hear the Porkchop is going great in his Sr years. Great work keeping him fit!
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    Winter 🤬

    At least the visibility is good...16Km is excellent! and hey, it will be a balmy -16 New Years Day...way to get 2022 off to a good start.
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    Jewels Ear Canal Surgery

    Me too...I had no problem learning the other forum...this one has a steep learning curve. Some may think it's an improvement. I for one, think otherwise.
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    Sandy got me a Kegerator for Christmas…

    the search for a proper tap handle ended quickly
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    Merry Christmas from Chunky and I

    CHUNKY!!! I haven’t seen you in so long. You look great! Merry Christmas, big boy!
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    from Lala, MINI, Dozer, Chesty, Chip & Sandy,
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    Thank You EBN

    That’s really great!
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    Long time no see (literally)

    It would likely cost more $$$ but I'd get him to a specialist and have him evaluated for distichiasis or entropion. A corneal abrasion or ulcer is nothing to mess around with. If it goes too long you may be looking at a perforation and possible need for a graft. Hoping for a quick recovery!
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    Need assistance with advice for Max

    we get our sauerkraut(Boar's Head) from the Deli section at local Harris Teeter. What the dogs don't eat, I do!
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    Need assistance with advice for Max

    Cephalexin is the GoTo drug for Staph infection. His Staph looks advanced. He would require a minimum of 8 weeks. Subsidize that with Douxo Mousse daily on the affected areas. Once under control, the aforementioned suggestions concerning probiotics and immune system healing will help keep the...