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  1. RiiSi

    Help Needed! Off the chart lymphocytes

    Does any one have any experience on lab results that has lymphosytes and white bood cells off the chart? I'm trying to get an appointment with a specialist, but the earliset is 3 weeks from now. Doggie is still doing well.
  2. RiiSi

    Have a happy and safe Halloween !!

  3. RiiSi

    Just had to get a portrait of the litter

    Photographer Silvi K took the pics and I did the graphics.
  4. RiiSi

    Puppys 8 weeks old

    Onni is the biggest weighing 6,4kg/14,5lbs. He's leaving next week to his new home. I think I will cry. Bertta is the wildest and toughest. Not afraid to use her teeth. Eetu will run around for hours. Salli will stay with us.
  5. RiiSi

    Welcome my Slowhand -litter

    Hi guys, say hello to my Slowhand -Litter! Born on the 13th. On Myside's Slow Down Linda On Myside's Lay Down Sally On Myside's Forever Man On Myside's Steady Rollin' Man All four almost already on their fours, really strong and lively. Eleven days old and eyes are starting to open. Not for...
  6. RiiSi

    Finally a product that really works for those tear stains!

    Hi guys! I know that many of you work your a***s off trying to keep those beautiful bulldog faces clean and stain free. All my bulldogs have white faces and those stains are really an eye sore. Voittos other ear also use to get really dirty quickly. My bullies stains were not too bad, but still...
  7. RiiSi

    Greetings from where the sun don't set ;)

    Warm 30C/86F midsummer greetings from Finland to bulldoggers around the world!
  8. RiiSi

    BOAS seminar in Norway It's a bit long, but very interesting for anyone who is interested in the breathing issues bulldogs may have. I also like the lecturers attitude towards the disease and her positivity...
  9. RiiSi

    Health diploma for englishbulldogs in Finland

    From last week on our Finnish Bulldog club has awarded health diplomas to health tested english bulldogs. The health diploma has three levels, bronze, silver and gold. Seven different health examinations or results can be applied to each level to get an additional star. Bronze level studies...
  10. RiiSi

    One the best days of my life

    Hi guys! I haven't posted anything for awhile, but I would like to share with you one of the highlights of my spring if not my life. In Finland for breeding we have a manditory health test and my two youngest attented the test last weekend. The dog has to walk one kilometer in less 12 minutes...
  11. RiiSi

    This how RC markets their products in Finland

    I'm livid! Royal Canin made this posting in their Facebook page in Finland a while ago. There was a picture of a dog food bowl with no sides in their web page. You may not be able to understand what the text means, but I will try to translate. You will get the point. The original...
  12. RiiSi

    Nettle for seasonal allergies

    For you guys with who's bully's have seasonal allergies. I'm studying to become a herbalist and at least for people taking nettle before allergy season starts helps to reduce the symptoms. A lot of the herbs have similar effect on dogs. And if it doesn't have that effect it is not harmless at...
  13. RiiSi

    VERY IMPORTANT! Everybody SIGN the petition! This is...
  14. RiiSi

    Happy new year for you all!

  15. RiiSi

    What a hard life they have....

    Taisto is the master of taking it easy. I hear that some say bulldogs can not lay on their backs... Kylli and Taisto are playing buddies... Kylli and Voitto are sleeping buddies... I love that these guys come along great, but not with toys or bones... Kylli loves the outdoors.
  16. RiiSi

    Say hello to Kylli

    Here's my baby girl Kylli. Kylli is from the Netherlands. She is only 10 weeks old, but was a real champ during the whole 2+ hours flight. She is the sweetest little puppy. Kylli didn't want her pic taken early in the morning and turned her back on me... First snow...not to poo...