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    Traveling with English bulldog puppy

    Hello all! We have a 4 month old English bulldog. We currently live in CA and are going to visit my husbands family in Alabama in 10 days. Of course everyone wants us to bring the puppy and we really want to bring him with us as well. Would it be safe for puppy to fly. He is registered support...
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    Rabies vaccine for puppy

    Hello all! Wanted to get your opinions on at what age puppy should be given rabbies vaccine? Thank you 😀😀
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    4 month old EBD

    Hello my fellow EBD lovers. Recently brought home my new baby boy Nugget. Slowly weened him off food Breeder was feeding him (Victor) to Hills Science Diet chicken and brown rice flavored because my vet recommended. He keeps having wet poos. Kind of like soft serve ice cream. No other symptoms...