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    I want to add a little more vegetables to Geoffs diet, is it safe to add a cup of frozen vegetables from a supermarket bought bag. It is already chopped and frozen . It’s got carrots, broccoli, cauliflower , green beans and peas. As mentioned previously he is on raw complete boneless beef and I...
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    And so it continues

    Geoff just doesn’t seem to have any luck. Up untill he was 4 months everything was going great then he got a lump under his chin 1st picture. A visit to docs and they said don’t worry it will go away over time and he was prescribed antibiotics and steroids and sure enough it did 👍🏻. Then came...
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    Intolerance test

    Just received Geoffs results
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    Nustock uk

    Before I order is this the correct stuff ? Just I previously ordered the wrong bag balm so want to make sure
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    Fussy eating

    Just looking for advice , eb is called Geoff and he is nearly 7 months old. He has been on gurupetfood cold pressed since he was 10 weeks old. Surf & turf which is beef fish and vegetables cold pressed. At the beginning he would jump Around like a bunny when he knew it was food time. Until about...
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    I apologise in advance . First time dog owner and am really struggling. I love my eb Geoff with all my heart but am slowly losing my mind. Never did I think it would be so hard to care for another being. I think I thought it would be all picture perfect. Just needing to vent. Couple of things...
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    Happy bulldog

    I’m maybe being over sensitive but paranoid Geoff isn’t happy and loving life. What’s the signs I should be looking for to tell me my boy is happy. First time bulldog owner and I love him unconditionally and he is completely spoilt. Sometimes I look at him and think I hope your loving life and...
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    Newbie from Scotland

    Hello my names mark and I’m the proud owner of an EBD called Geoff . He’s 16 weeks old now and my first dog or any pet. He’s such a wee character and very stubborn aswell. Loves being nosey and follows me everywhere. Joined to get information and make sure the wee boy gets the best life. He is a...