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  1. TheLost

    This site is cathartic...

    I spent the weekend freaking out over (my dog) Kevin's leg. As he gets into his golden years i know at some point his body will give out before his spirit. Last week he started limping more than normal... and by the weekend he would hardly walk. I spent all last night awake worried what...
  2. TheLost

    Both of my boy's necks are bigger then their heads....

    Kevin has a julius-k9 harness we use for walks... but he hates it. It's big, bulky (size 3) and he just lays down and goes 'boneless' when you try to put it on him. We have to board him (and Molly) for the first time this Friday, and I'm wondering if I should just have them keep the harness...
  3. TheLost

    Worst purchase ever!!!

    For Christmas my wife bought our daughter an "Electric Heated Plush Throw".. and its destroying my life!! A few weeks ago the daughter left the blanket on the couch still turned on. Molly, who for some reason is allowed on the couch while Kevin is not, walked across the blanket and INSTANTLY...
  4. TheLost

    Thoughts on Zignature?

    Kevin's allergies have started getting worse.. The vet recommended putting him on Apoquel but i want to try a new food before we go that route. One of the foods recommended was Zignature Kangaroo. I've seen Zignature mentioned a few times on the forums but i don't see it on the food rating...
  5. TheLost

    Fatty Foxtail One-Ball-Wonder & Little Ms. Limpy Pants

    Ormg!! Here is a quick rundown of my past few days.. Wednesday: (calling the vet) me: "Hi.. i need to make an appointment for my dog" vet: "Sure.. whats the problem?" me: "I think Kevin has a fox-tail between his toes. I cant see anything but He keeps licking it. Its all red and swollen"...
  6. TheLost

    Arug! Trouble at the fence.. Neighbor dog issues..

    Kevin has always got along with his backyard neighbor dogs... Until the past few weeks. To set the scene... let show you my back yard (my house is the one with the little house icon). As you can see... there are two backyards that share my back fence. In the right-most yard we have a Black...
  7. TheLost

    It's almost somebody's birthday!!! i need gift ideas..

    Kevin's Birthday is in two weeks and i need some birthday gift ideas for the dog who has everything. He loves 2 things... Football* and Chewing He's out grown all the Football Jerseys he's had (His 'grown up' weight is holding at ~80lbs.. not much fat.. just bulk). I tried a 'Human Youth'...
  8. TheLost

    Nylabone Flexi Chew... recalled? missing in action?

    My puppy Kevin.. Who turns 660 days old today.. Has a little chewing problem. Its not a bad problem, until you mix it with my wife's and teenage daughters shoe shopping problem. As long as Kevin has a 'Binky' around the shoes in the house are safe.. His 'Binky' of choice has always been a...
  9. TheLost

    Mini Cooper K-9 Showroom... false advertising!!

    Not sure if any of you have seen this: MINI NEXT K-9 Showroom I counted at least 2 EB puppies (and one stuffed EB toy)... Yet i don't see any CHEW MARKS ON THE LEATHER!! I carpooled today but when i get back to my car i'll post some of the chew marks on my seats from when Kevin was a puppy...
  10. TheLost

    I dun been gradgeeated!

    (haven't posted a Kevin picture in a while.. He really didn't like that cap!)
  11. TheLost

    Normal day...

    Haven't posted pictures in a while... Molly still sleeps where she isn't supposed to.. Kevin is still a goofball.. I'm SOOO READY FOR SPRING!! the dogs need some 'outside time'.
  12. TheLost

    A reminder about bee stings.. Fresno State mascot :(

    Victor E. II, bulldog mascot for Fresno State, dies from bee sting Local News | A sad story... I had the chance to see Victor last year and he truly was loved by the Fresno State fans. Keep those bully's safe!
  13. TheLost

    How long will your EB stay still? (when you ask them to)

    For the past week i have been trying to make a 3D computer scan of Kevin. All i need to do is walk around him with a camera while he stays in one place.. maybe 15 seconds of a sit/stay (if even that). BUT HE WONT DO IT!!! For the record, we have been working on sit & stay for OVER A YEAR...
  14. TheLost

    How often does your EB make you late for work?

    Kevin CONSTANTLY makes me late for work (technically... my carpool). Kevin decided a few months ago he's to good to sleep in a crate and has taken over our Master Bathroom. He's got his Coolaroo dog bed sitting in front of the Tub, His long shaggy bathmat in front of the shower, and his short...
  15. TheLost


    "Lets get this party started!!!! (*insert annoying horn noise here!*)" "Because... i don't think i'll be able to stay up until midnight.."
  16. TheLost

    Ho.. Ho.. Ho..

    Here is Kevin's Xmas picture from last year... Boy has he grown!!
  17. TheLost

    Bow Ties Are Cool

    and.. Fezzes are cool! (Kevin likes the 11th Dr .. Im more of a 10th fan myself)** ** Very, Very, Very nerdy reference.
  18. TheLost

    Benebone wishbone chew toy? : Benebone Rotisserie Chicken Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy : Pet Supplies Has anybody tried this chew toy before? Just wondering how they would hold up to bulldog standards?
  19. TheLost

    The slobbering dead...

    "Did i hear something behind me?" Kevin doing his Samuel Jackson impersonation.. "Get these mother clucking zombies out of my mother clucking house!"
  20. TheLost

    Kevin's Birthday countdown....

    I thought i'd give a running commentary leading up to Kevin's Birthday next week. T-minus 8 days I'm trying to see if Kevin knows its his birthday next week. So far.. he shows no signs of excitement. I made him try on a birthday hat today... .. but he still doesn't seem excited. Maybe its...