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  1. Davidh

    Harvey sucked.

    Sorry haven't been on here in a while. Harley brought us too much rain. Got a foot of water in our house. Took three days before we could even get out of our subdivision. We were busy cutting sheetrock out and getting the wet insulation out. Had to cut out the backs and some side of our new...
  2. Davidh

    Are you feeding Royal Canin Dog Food?

    If you are feeding Royal Canin dog food, you might want to think again. Some of their food has feathers in it, yes feathers. Here is an article telling about it by Dr. Becker. Beware of Royal Canin Anallergenic Dog Foods with Feather Meal
  3. Davidh

    Kennel Cough Vaccine

    Here is an excellent article about the kennel cough vaccine. I have been preaching for years that the intranasal version can cause pneumonia. [Updated] Three Critical Problems With The Kennel Cough Vaccine (and what you need to do about them) - Dogs Naturally Magazine
  4. Davidh

    I found an emaciated dog

    This poor baby was at the Kroger down the street starving to death, so I just had to bring it home. LOL Happy Halloween :)
  5. Davidh

    Say NO to the Lepto vaccine

    Here is an article every dog owner should read. The Lepto vaccine is killing dogs, and it's not surprising that here in the US, some reports are getting buried. NEWS: Reports Show UK Dogs Are Dying From Lepto Vaccine - Dogs Naturally Magazine
  6. Davidh

    The Risks Of Heartworm Drugs

    Here is a good article from Dogs Naturally magazine on the risks of giving heartworm drugs, and their side effects, plus a natural alternative solution to prevent heartworms in your dogs. The Risks Of Heartworm Drugs - Dogs Naturally Magazine
  7. Davidh

    New drugs that may help puppies with Parvo

    Here is an interesting article from AKC about new drugs on the market that may help people who may not have the money for the conventional treatment of Parvo...
  8. Davidh

    Do not use Frontline

    Here is an article from Dogs Naturally Magazine about the poison Frontline. One of the side affects is death. Please do not use it. Is Frontline Harmful To Your Dog? - Dogs Naturally Magazine
  9. Davidh

    Micro Chip

    We always have micro chip our pups before they go to their fur-ever home, and we put our info in the second contact list. We do this in the hopes they will never need them. I always wondered if they will actually work when need be. Well I got my answer Saturday morning. Bev my wife called me...
  10. Davidh

    BeBe loves her new antler

    Bev bought some Elk antlers and gave BeBe the big one, as you can see, she is proud of hers, she took it straight to her crate for safe keeping.
  11. Davidh

    I met Tyson today

    I had the pleasure of meeting Tyson and his mama Jessica TyTysmom today, as we meet to get the FROMM food from her. He is a beautiful, and such a total sweetheart bully. So nice to meet some of the members on here and especially their bully babies. Thanks again for the FROMM food, our babies...
  12. Davidh

    Elton and Blonde

    Just got a recent pic of Elton, one of our pups from Blonde. he is a handsome boy. Here is the pic of Elton and his mama Blonde. I sure do miss them both. Elton is in Ohio and Blonde is retired in Florida. Wish he had his eyes open, silly boy was playing. Here's his mama Blonde
  13. Davidh

    My babies

    RalphieBoy wanted me to share pics of all my babies, so here they are. Buddy BeBe Lucy Hazel Henri Hilary JLO Katy That's it, I think :)
  14. Davidh

    New pics of Cash

    For all you peeps that have been here for a few years remember the story about Cash, the bully we rescued and found a loving fur-ever home for. Here are a couple recent pics of him. He is looking great, and is a happy boy. For you newbies, that don't know about Cash, here is a link to his story...
  15. Davidh

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! Abby~~Available For Adoption From EBRN Houston

    Bio coming soon. Update: I've been ADOPTED! To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> EBRN Houston Please let them know you found them on English Bulldog News! :up:
  16. Davidh

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! Gunner~~Available For Adoption in NW USA

    Gunner was transferred to us from a local shelter where he was terrified and depressed. He is a 4 year old English Bulldog and Boston Terrier mix who we know had a previous owner and lived with another dog and cat. The transition was hard on Gunner and it has been so rewarding watching him...
  17. Davidh

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! Fiona~~Available For adoption in Eastern USA

    Princess Fiona is ready to meet her loyal, her forever family, that is! Fiona is a 3-4 year-old English bulldog set to embark on a journey to find her perfect family. Fiona was surrendered to S.N.O.R.T. after her owner was forced to give her up and it appears that she spent...
  18. Davidh

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! Tony~~Available For Adoption From EBRN Houston

    To fill out an adoption application and to know more about Tony please follow the link below. Update: I've been ADOPTED! To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> EBRN Houston Please let them know you found them on English Bulldog News! :up:
  19. Davidh

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! Churchill~~Available For Adoption in NW USA

    Churchill is a six year old English Bulldog. He is great with people and other dogs and children over 6. He is very well trained and knows the following commands: sit, down, stay, crate, shake a paw, come, quiet, and he is house trained. He likes sitting with you on the couch and is quite...
  20. Davidh

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! Fergie~~Available For Adoption in NW USA

    Fergie is a very sweet, happy, playful and active senior English Bulldog. Her age is estimated around 9+ years, you wouldn't know it when she wants to go for a walk/jog - pick up the lead and she is at the door ... let's go! She has interacted well with all the dogs she has met (not...