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  1. ladywebb

    Gilbert had surgery

    Sorry I have been MIA for a bit (no particular Today Gilbert had his BOAS surgery and neuter (he was cryptorchid) and had a small umbilical hernia fixed. Everything went perfect! He is home resting. Rest and soft foods for a couple weeks. He will definitely be more spoiled than...
  2. ladywebb

    Need to stop....

    And smell the flowers ...
  3. ladywebb

    Lesson Learned!!

    It has been a bit since I've needed to post a thread...figured I should post this. Well first off, Gilbert is about 10 1/2 months old now. He is my constant shadow or personal "stalker" (whichever way you want to look at it). Gilbert seems to like to play with his toys most when I am sitting...
  4. ladywebb

    Keeping cool....

    Gilbert has a new splash pad to keep him cool! I need to try and get a video..he was having alot of fun!
  5. ladywebb

    Another (2 part) food question

    Ok..I am already the type of person who tends to 2nd guess themselves (always want to make sure I am doing doing the right thing). So, sorry for sounding like a crazy person You all know Gilbert was having the tummy issues..I believe it was too many marrow bones and and the...
  6. ladywebb

    2nd bully ?

    ok...We possibly have an opportunity to get another EBD. He is 4 yrs. old and healthy (as far as I know). Person who has him says he doesn't have the time for all his needs (assuming just daily maintenance). That is the extent of info I have at the present time. I will be talking to the owners...
  7. ladywebb

    Goofy Gilbert

    Falls asleep while chewing on his things :lol:
  8. ladywebb

    Help needed!

    I am at a loss! Started last Thursday night/Friday morning, my hubby came home early morning to find poo in Gilbert's tent (little pop up tent we use as a kennel for nighttime and when gone..he loves it!). Ok...Gilbert has not pooped in his kennel and/or tent (have both..just different areas of...
  9. ladywebb

    The many faces...

    Thought I would share some of the many different faces I receive from Gilbert. Who, by the way, has turned 6mos old today! Weighing in at 48lbs
  10. ladywebb

    New EBD Mom

    Hello! New member and first time EBD owner. I have owned dogs in the past, but, I can personally say that I have found my favorite breed! I have been reading up on information thru all the forums and can say have seen some great advice and hope to acquire more info while being a member.