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    Working with Ralph

    Do anyone elses Bulldog insist on sitting at the table while you're working? Also does your Bulldog sing at the TV constantly?
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    Ralph is at it again 😂
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    Frontline flea Treatment

    Has anyone put Frontline on the EB before? Ralph had a huge reaction being sick shaking uncontrollably, wouldn't recommend trying it anytime soon! he's fine now.
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    Tooshie Wipe

    I never knew owning a Bulldog that you have to wipe their backsides! Ralph loves a Tooshie Wipe, is this common? soon as i say Tooshie he rolls over for me, seems to love it! :w00t:
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    Does anyone else have a Bulldog that howls? i was watching american pie and Jim was playing the Trombone and Ralph starts howling, first time he has ever done it!:evil: