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    Happy Wednesday

    He is sooo beautiful!!!
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    Bolt pictures

    So cute!! Does he always smile like that?? He would never win a "Grinch" contest, lol!
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    Teca advice

    I am so sorry to hear what you and George are going through. It is awful to see your fur baby in pain. Can I ask what type of food you feed him? Also, how often do you give him baths? Is he near water where he can get his head wet? The questions are probably too basic or obvious, but it is worth...
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    Could probiotic upset stomach?

    I know you said you were stopping the Herbsmith Microflora Plus, so this is just for general information for others reading it in general. I believe you stated there was also prebiotics in there. Some dogs do not do well with prebiotics. So if you are trying anything with prebiotics and they are...
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    Moose is Injured

    About 2 weeks ago, Piglet, playing wildly with one of her toys, took a flying leap off the couch, arched up into the air, cleared a 2 foot wide coffee table that was almost 2 feet away from the couch (so was air-born:jump: for a little over 5 feet) and landed. She tried to take off running and...
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    Raw switch - a month in

    I think that for us owner's, it's more like a "Learning Bulldog Insane".:loco2: But this is always good, because everyone give lots of good information that makes us even more insane as we try to sort through it all. But....we eventually figure out what works best for our Bully and that is what...
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    Raw switch - a month in

    Thank you. It tastes fantastic, unfortunately for me if I make dessert, lol. I love to cook...and my Bullies sure appreciate it!!:drool:.
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    Article: January 2018 Bulldog of the Month Winners!

    Congratulations!! Amazing how these wonderful Bullies can look so "grumpy" yet so darn cute at the same time! I want to kiss them both!!!:blowkiss:
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    Raw switch - a month in

    I had to laugh when I read your post. My husband and kids always say the same things to everybody! I love to grill and my bulldogs do benefit from it...but so do my family members. I don't think they are being too deprived, lol. Take a look at this pic from one of my grilling days (and I grill a...
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    Bloody Mary lovers must try...

    Well....HEEELLLLLLO my new friend!! This sounds amazing. Even us bully lovers have to relax once in a while. Perfect. All my puppies are gone except the little beauty I'm keeping, so this is my first weekend of "batch of puppies" free in over a couple months. I will have to try one. And I say 1...
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    Help Needed! My bulldog loses a lot of hair :(

    I use Johnson & Johnson for the face area. For the rest, I use: on Amazon 5 stars Roll over image to zoom in Top Performance Top Performance Fresh Pet Shampoo But I also dilute it with some water so that it is not very thick and I add a few drops of tea tree essential oil into the...
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    Lora the white english bulldog feels great being here!

    Welcome!!! Lora is such a cutie! It's amazing how wonderful Bulldogs make our lives. I am so glad that you get to experience it. I am a little floored that you went from absolutely no dog experience to owning and English bulldog. It is a breed that requires a bit more knowledge, care, health...
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    Hi I’m a new English bulldog owner!

    Hello and welcome! He is a very beautiful boy!! He does look like he could have a mix in him, but what would that matter? He looks so sweet!! That is a normal color as they can be all fawn, and is an approved color with the BCA. Some do have the extra wrinkles. I hope he has a forever home...
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    First post - toilet training/puppy pad advice needed

    I don't think anyone is offended by what you are saying, or at least they shouldn't be. You try to help others because of your love for this breed and wanting to help other bully owners. It's all any of us can do. Thank you for that! :thanks:I love hearing some of the different things from you...
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    Oh my gosh...THANK YOU!!!:happy2:
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    Help Needed! My bulldog loses a lot of hair :(

    I am so sorry that your beautiful bully baby is going through this!! Hopefully she will be better very soon. Some bulldogs are allergic to chicken. I would try one of the Acana or Orijen that does not have poultry in it. Sorry you have little choice in premium foods there. Do not bathe that...
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    I missed it too.:( I looked tonight and it looks like the non sporting is on Saturday again. I hope I read that right!!!
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    But I Want This Side of the Bed!

    Shhhh! Let the poor little guy catch some ZZZZZZZZZ's. Zzzz Do you have any clue how much "bulldog energy" it requires to get the pillows and blankets just right:laugh:?
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    Glamour Shots ♡♡♡

    You are absolutely beautiful! And the way you strike a pose....vogue, vogue vogue....:dance3:
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    Allergies and or Uninterested in Food - Time to Switch???

    I am so glad you got him off the Purina! I am embarrassed that any breeder would have their pups on that food:ashamed:. The other brands mentioned here are all good. I believe Zignature has very limited ingredients and that may help, but they are all good. I have heard about the chicken as well...