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  1. thett

    Gilbert had surgery

    I'm so glad to see all went well for Gilbert's surgery. I hope his recovery is coming to an end.. (sorry am late to this post) I too have been MIA.. After my two had their surgery they too wanted to be active again after just a couple days.. That is the hardest part. He sure is one sweet...
  2. thett

    Does your bulldog show one tooth, two teeth or no teeth?

    I love these pictures so much!!! their little teefers just melt my heart!
  3. thett

    Does your bulldog show one tooth, two teeth or no teeth?

    cutest little chiklits!! love this picture
  4. thett

    buy business plan online

    Hi There, Can you share a picture? Is it possible he/she got a bug bite?? Or do you think it is just scratched? Is it on the inside of the ear or outside?? If you think it could be a bite, I would start with benadryl. If there is an external scratch on the outer ear, maybe apply a little...
  5. thett

    OK EBN PEEPS……message….

    Congratulations Helene on your pending move! This is very exciting.. i remember you mentioning it before a while back. Moving is never fun, but it sounds like a beautiful new adventure awaits you once you settle in. I hope everything goes smoothly and look forward to hearing all about it. Also...
  6. thett

    URGENT HELP NEEDED- Bulldog not eating for 4+ weeks

    My goodness this is heartbreaking. Loosing that much weight this fast is not good. There has to be a reason he is not eating and from the sounds of drool in combination this just doesn't add up. I agree with Manydogs, obstructions are not always seen on xrays or on ultrasounds. You may be...
  7. thett

    Away so long.... now Entopion

    Thank you @Manydogs, that does put me at ease. And thank you for the advice.. i feel like i've gained so much knowledge here over the past few years, but when it's mine going under i tend to loose my senses and always get worried.. As far as my dad goes, sad to say, you are right on that front...
  8. thett

    Away so long.... now Entopion

    Hi gang, It's been so long since i have actively been on. The whole place looks different but awesome..! (now just need to find my way around again) First i want to say sorry. I have missed this place so much.. i don't even know where to begin to try to catch up on all of you and my favorite...
  9. thett

    Angus has terminal cancer. 😭

    I am so sorry to read this. It does sound like you have had 11 awesome years, and by the looks of Angus he is still as happy as ever. What a sweet boy he is. I think i speak for all of us, even 100 years is never enough.. we love them so much. I'm very, very sorry. Give Angus and yourself...
  10. thett

    It's Been Awhile

    What beautiful bullies!! :heart:
  11. thett

    New Grand Champion!

    Congratulations beautiful Ella Mae! and you too mom!!! Great job to both of you!!! How very exciting!!!!
  12. thett

    Hives or allergic reaction??

    Helene, should I do the fermented veggies on top of the kefir milk or would that be in place of? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. thett

    Hives or allergic reaction??

    So update on the Harvster… vet said there was some bacteria and to take care of infection he got a round of antibiotics and a steroid to take down the inflammation . He is just about done with them and is doing much better. He consensus is he is developing allergies? I am using the nu stock...
  14. thett

    Bentley--2021 Has Not Been A Good Year

    I’m so sorry to read this terrible news. I’m very sorry that it just seems to keep getting worse for you guys before better. Bentley is one sweet loved boy and I am so sure he knows it. Like everyone said, there is nothing we can really say or do to help although we wish there were. We can...
  15. thett

    Hives or allergic reaction??

    Thanks Helene and all. I do not have nusock but am going to get some. Will keep up with the soaks and bag balm for now. I thought about the heart worm but I highly doubt it, he has been on that for the year and a half I’ve had him and never had an issue. Fingers crossed it’s better tomorrow...
  16. thett

    Hives or allergic reaction??

    Yes he has been liking and biting at it. I have been lucky and neither have ever had a hot spot before. If it is, it’s bad and covering both front paws. I’m sure will look much worse after shaving the area. He may be wearing the cone for a while. [emoji45] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. thett

    And he is still such a happy boy

    Lol!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. thett

    Hives or allergic reaction??

    I suppose anything is possible but after seeing zedsded post on Wesley a hot spot I’m thinking that may be it.. but it does look like several spots like a hive. It seems slightly better this morning. I will keep with the Zyrtec, keep it clean and apply bag balm. If it’s not significantly better...
  19. thett

    Is this a hot spot?

    I had no idea they could get them from rough play and slobbing all over each other. I’m wondering if that’s what’s on Harvey’s feet now. Stella has been feeling so much better and instigating play so much. She is constantly going after Harvey’s paws to take him down. I hope Wesley s spot has...
  20. thett

    Hives or allergic reaction??

    Gave benedryl this afternoon, tonight a Zyrtec and have rubbed them with bag balm. Here are better pictures. They don’t look better at all. Uggh just when I thought I was doing so good not living at the vet, my healthy one starts with issues. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk