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  1. tigertanktoo

    OK EBN PEEPS……message….

    Good luck and have fun with the move. I moved last month and we are still going through stuff we had in storage. Pace yourself and don't over do it.
  2. tigertanktoo

    September 2021 Bulldog of the Month Winners!!

    A definite well earned win for both of those bullys. Congratulations.
  3. tigertanktoo

    Damu is in need of surgery!

    Poor fella. Good luck with everything. Hoping he's well real soon.
  4. tigertanktoo

    Help, tulip ears!

    She's a pretty pup, just let them be. She's adorabull.
  5. tigertanktoo

    Cherry Eye opp

    Hope you get to feeling well soon buddy.
  6. tigertanktoo

    No Interest in Food

    I put frozen peas in my boys food. They love their veggies. My boy Gabe even likes smashed up frozen broccoli heads. Try that with the same food and see how she reacts. It may break up the monotony. I hope this helps some.
  7. tigertanktoo


    Hello to Kirky and Frank. Welcome to the group. We are very happy to see you and love that you rescued Frank. He will bring you tons of fun, affection, slobber and drool. Enjoy.
  8. tigertanktoo

    MINI is on Viagra…

    OK, what's that mean to non medical speaking people like me? Honestly, I don't have a clue what that means.
  9. tigertanktoo

    MINI is on Viagra…

    What for?
  10. tigertanktoo

    How affectionate is your bulldog?

    My boy loves to be rubbed and scratched. But he is definately not a kissy dog. Every time I ask for a kiss or smootch he snorts in my face. Guess I can consider that him "Blowing" me kisses huh? He'll smootch up on momma, but not me.
  11. tigertanktoo

    Unfortunately, we lost Zoey while away...

    You folks did her good and she had a very good life. We are so very sorry to hear of her leaving. She isn't really gone as long as you have her in your heart and memories.
  12. tigertanktoo

    Bulldog weight

    Bruce doesn't look a bit overweight. Good looking bullyboy. Gabe is six and weighs 64 lbs.
  13. tigertanktoo

    My bully baby boy's birthday today

    Happy Birthday Baldur.
  14. tigertanktoo

    The loss of my little boi, Boobies

    So very sorry to hear about your bullyboy. He's a beautiful fella. My boys and I send out our thoughts and prayers to you during this difficult time. But know that they are never truly gone as long as you keep them in your heart and memories.
  15. tigertanktoo

    New member, Mom of Bartolomeo

    Welcome to the group. Firstly, I am sorry to hear about your Archie. He was a good looking bullyboy. We can not foresee these things that happen so suddenly like heart failure. Secondly, welcome to Bartolomeo. He is a pretty pup. I'm sure he will bring many long years of joy and happiness...
  16. tigertanktoo

    New Grand Champion!

    Congratulations. Well deserved by you both. Lots of work and effort into being a Grand Champion. But worth all of it.