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  1. TooTooMommy

    Bear got stung by a wasp

    @GrgJon ----Wow! It's AMAZING that they haven't had any problems!!! I never knew ANY animals would EAT bees. :oops: I'm sooo happy that they've never had their faces swollen and breathing issues like Meaty has. We'll never know what ACTUALLY caused these may not have even...
  2. TooTooMommy

    Bear got stung by a wasp

    P.S.....Forgot to say--- all 3 times Meaty's life was in danger, it was once when we were traveling, no GPS, had no idea where the nearest vet was in a strange city. Annnnd, the other two times, it was very late in the evening. Of course those stupid bugs had to threaten his life when the...
  3. TooTooMommy

    Bear got stung by a wasp

    @Sidxeyx --Is Bear okay? Ugh, something similar has happened to Meaty three times in his life so far. Hope it NEVER happens again! **ALWAYS** have Benadryl nearby! It has literally saved Meaty's life as we RUSHED him to the closest emergency vet, which is 40 minutes away! The last time...
  4. TooTooMommy

    Collapsed trachea AND bronchiectasis

    Things are NOT great, the prednisone HAD to stop for so many reasons. Soo many OTHER problems, too, but I don't want to write a novel. @helsonwheels ---I started running a vaporizer, but it doesn't seem to help. On another site, I read about eucalyptus oil in the vaporizer helping a doggie SO...
  5. TooTooMommy

    How affectionate is your bulldog?

    @1Chumly ---awww, I would LOVE it if our babies did that !!!!
  6. TooTooMommy

    How affectionate is your bulldog?

    \ Forgot to say, SOMEtimes, Meaty was affectionate to his baby sister Sophie. It was sooo sweet, and also---RARE! Soo glad I caught this moment, especially because Sophie died a short time later. :cry:
  7. TooTooMommy

    How affectionate is your bulldog?

    Meaty LOVES to have his ears, chin, chest, back scratched/ rubbed. We also sometimes massage his VERY arthritic elbows (sad!) and shoulders. He is NOT affectionate at all, which, at first, bothered me. I'd read about dogs going to their hoomans when they're sad, sick, etc. And how they'd put...
  8. TooTooMommy

    Wesley’s first trip to the beach

    Aww.....what a beauti-bull boy Wesley is, and gorgeous beach !!! So, so sorry about your Dudley !!! It is SO hard, isn't it? :cry: (( hugs ))
  9. TooTooMommy

    Silly girl is at it again!

    Soooo funny and adora-bull !! Hubbs and I crack up over these silly bullies forcing themselves to fit into things...ROFL !!!
  10. TooTooMommy

    Intro: Gravy

    Oh my dog....Gravy is jussst too adora-bull !!! :love: And what a FUN, UNIQUE name!!!
  11. TooTooMommy

    Winston’s Cushings Disease (pictures attached)

    Welcome! It's nice to "meet" you and Winston! Ugh, I am so sad that he is going through all of this! :( Sorry, I know nothing about Cushing's, but I just wanted to send (( hugs !!!))
  12. TooTooMommy

    Dean Russo Puzzle

    Wow.....that is seriously beauti-bull !!! :love:
  13. TooTooMommy

    Lola is a fan of her sister’s college

    Oh my dog.....Lola is tooo adora-bull !!! :love: I just love her wittle underbite toofies (teeth)!
  14. TooTooMommy

    Gilbert's 1st Birthday !

    OH MY DOG .....Gilbert is sooo beauti-bull and I love his crown !!! :love: Happy, pawsome, wonder-bull day, sweet boy! May you have a long, healthy life !!!!
  15. TooTooMommy

    ~ENTER HERE~ August Bulldog of the Month ~LAZY BULLDOGS~

    @Diesel1 ....Oh my dog !!! I love ALLLL the bullies in these piks, but yours is EXTRA adora-bull because of the way Deisel is lying on that cute hooman !!!:love: (annnd, the expression on his adora-bull face is cracking me up !) ALSO....the POLKA DOTS on white bullies' ears make me squeal...
  16. TooTooMommy

    Did you see the bulldog toy on HBO's "Flight Attendant"

    I also took a pik of the bulldog on "Schitt's Creek" :love: (what a GREAT show--and seeing an adora-bull bulldog with Ted just made that episode more pawsome!)
  17. TooTooMommy

    Veterinarians that are happy/giddy around bulldogs

    OMG, your meme!!! :LOL: Yes, I need to post the piks! I almost fainted when the staff AND THE VET took piks, too!!! Also, I agree about every penny being worth it.! Hubbs and I have joked about the doggies getting jobs, etc. but as he likes to quote that guy from "Jurassic Park" "we spare...
  18. TooTooMommy

    This site is cathartic...

    Awww......Kevin is SO handsome !!! I'm sorry you couldn't sleep over worrying---we have definitely been there, done THAT! I love that he ended up jumping into your car after all of that :LOL:. We've tried SO. MANY. things to help our babies---MANY different brands of CBD oils (including one...
  19. TooTooMommy

    Did you see the bulldog toy on HBO's "Flight Attendant"

    Anybully watch "The Flight Attendant" on HBO max and notice the adora-bull stuffed toy bulldog? We have that exact one (got it at Ikea years ago), and I was sooo tickled to see it on this show! I just HAD to take piks! :p (sorry for poor quality---these were the best ones out of MANY attempts!)
  20. TooTooMommy


    @thett.....your babies are sooo adora-bull! :love: Yes....we have the game---soo fun!