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    When to reduce food

    Hello, Roxy is a little over 6 months now and just had her spade. When should i start reducing her food. Right now we feed 1.5 cup 2 times a day. She is already 44 pounds, but vet said she is not over weight.
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    Nom Nom

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    Roxy First vet visit( bring home puppy checkup)

    Vet said was was in great health! Weight was 7.5(was 1 of 10 in litter). Also when should I start brushing her teeth. Roxy is 8 weeks today
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    Just picked her up today, 2 days shy of 8 weeks old.
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    Hello from Alabama just wanted to share Roxy, this is her at 5 weeks. Getting her on Valentine's Day. IMG_1491 by Tilden Weaver, on Flickr
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    Puppy Harness

    We are getting our baby in 2 weeks. Needing know what we need for Roxy who will be 8 weeks old. Start with a harness ( if so with one) or just a collar and when to with to harness. Don't want her to roam free while out and about like at petsmart.
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    adding to puppy food

    Thanks to EBN i will be going with fromms puppy food. Question i have is what do you mix (if anything) in with your food. Was thinking about some Yogurt, but wanted to get suggestions from all of y'all. My other dog is boxer-bulldog mixed and we feed her dry with wet food mixed in.
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    Food for puppy

    Hello, i am new here. Been looking in the forums and have not really found what i am looking for. Need to find a good puppy food, just not Raw. Getting my Roxy on the 14th of feb. Any help would be appreciated.