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  1. Bizzymammabee

    Unfortunately, we lost Zoey while away...

    There really are no words during a time like this. Sending prayers And my condolences to you and your family ❤️
  2. Bizzymammabee

    Witts end with aggression.

    Sound like we are experiencing the same exact issues. That Quiet Moments did help her when I gave it to her. She seems to like it. The directions say you can give it to them for up to three months at a time. For her weight it's two pills a day. The first two days I did give her the two...
  3. Bizzymammabee

    Getting Ripped Off at Vet's

    Don't feel dumb. We get caught out there because we are willing to pay/do anything to help our babies. I get they need to place a margin on things but that's ridiculous. During Bella's last visit to the new vet they gave her a shot to calm her down. Cost $50. Absolutely ridiculous. I know...
  4. Bizzymammabee

    Witts end with aggression.

    Is it not the nuttiest thing to see the change come over them. Sorry that you are also dealing with it. What are Willow's triggers? I am looking into the CBD oil. I purchased NaturVet - Hemp Quiet Moments calming aid. It contains Melatonin and Ginger. I gave her one the other day when she...
  5. Bizzymammabee

    Witts end with aggression.

    I am usually the one doing all the vetting and stuff. He has come with me in the past and come to pick us up after the fact. She is the same no matter who is with her.
  6. Bizzymammabee

    Witts end with aggression.

    I do remember you posting about Finn being a little trouble maker. I am constantly in preventative mode with her. It's funny because you can really see a change in her eyes when she is getting ready to jump off. I can't really pinpoint any triggers. Just happens out of no where. It's crazy...
  7. Bizzymammabee

    Our Johnny Cash is growing up fast.

    I love watching them when they contemplate life. Always wish I could read their minds to know what they're thinking about...probably snacks, but it would be lovely to know all the same.
  8. Bizzymammabee

    The loss of my little boi, Boobies

    My condolences on your Boobies passing. I lost my very first girl suddenly when she was just turning 5. She took a piece of my heart with her. Sending prayers and a hug your way.
  9. Bizzymammabee

    Pseudomonas Infection

    Poor baby, no suggestions. Just wanted to send you both a hug and prayers for a speedy recovery. I so hate when the furbabies are sick.
  10. Bizzymammabee

    I like Tequila…and I really like…

    I was all set to buy one until I saw the price...ouch. Beautiful and would look lovely in someone's bar if they want to spend the $$.
  11. Bizzymammabee

    Witts end with aggression.

    I had a full panel run. Everything came back within normal range. Yesterday was so stressful. We walked over to the new vets office. She had a total anxiety attack in the place. They ended up giving her a shot of tramadol to calm her. Worked for about 2 minutes so they were able to get the...
  12. Bizzymammabee

    Bruno the first & Bruno the 2nd

    Bruno 1 looks like a body builder. Both Bruno's are handsome.
  13. Bizzymammabee

    Witts end with aggression.

    Just got some info on the new vet in the practice. Seems like he did a bit of a residency in animal behavior from Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine & Veterinary Hospital.
  14. Bizzymammabee

    Witts end with aggression.

    Nope on both the Xanax and the thyroid test. I made an appt with a vet that is within walking distance for tomorrow. I had tried them at the beginning of covid and got an appt with the owner of the practice. I wasn’t all that thrilled with her. I am a big fan of a good bedside manner...
  15. Bizzymammabee

    New member, Mom of Bartolomeo

    Welcome to the group. Your new baby is beautiful. It's always hard losing our babies unexpectedly. My condolences on that loss. I truly believe once you have had a bully you are spoiled for any other breed.
  16. Bizzymammabee

    Witts end with aggression.

    So let me just preface this with Bella recently went for her annual and received a clean bill of health. Bella is now 5 years old and we have had her since she was a baby. When we first got her she was pretty shy and did well with Tyson. As she got older, she started being bossy, and would...
  17. Bizzymammabee

    Can you imagine walking into your bathroom......

    I would be fine with it but Bella may lose her mind. So cute. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Bizzymammabee

    We said goodbye to Monty tonight.

    Sending love and prayers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Bizzymammabee

    Sooooooo this happened..

    Adorable. Good luck and congrats on your new baby.
  20. Bizzymammabee

    Cherry Eye Laser Surgery ?

    Not sure about the laser treatment, wish it was available when Tyson needed his eyes done. Tyson has had surgery twice on one eye and once on the other and we still have issues with his eyes. Cost a pretty penny so that $250 sounds really good. I believe it cost me some where close to $1000...