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    MINI’s new eating routine...

    Thanks for sharing the nice pics! MINI is looking great. She's lucky to have such great parents !
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    URGENT!!! Transitional Cell Carcinoma

    So sorry to hear this ! I would recommend putting Rose on Piroxicam, 0.3 mg/kg orally once daily if kidney function is normal. I'd also recommend a course of antibiotic since UTI is very commonly associated with TCC plus she has the mucus coming out. And start her on a doggy cranberry...
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    Too much of a good thing??

    I meant the rescue dog seemed to be more curious than anything else, but he still seemed happy ! Glad to hear MINI is hanging in there, she looks great !
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    Too much of a good thing??

    Very cute ! Zoey doesn't look super happy in the photo LOL How's MINI doing with her swallowing ?
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    food ordeal and a lesson

    So sorry to hear, guess it got lodged in his throat. I always feed my frozen raw fully thawed after a day in the refrigerator. I think helsonwheels feeds frozen- this will be a good wake up call for her to thaw it first. I would recommend for all raw dog food feeders to not only thaw, but to...
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    Bulldog puppy bladder infection

    Antibiotics have probably been started, so too late for sample now. I would just give the antibiotics and hopefully the bacteria is sensitive to that antibiotic. Since it's a puppy there's a possibility it has a congenital structural deformity of the urinary tract. If it happens again you will...
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    Should i start raw diet

    I'd recommend to add fish oil squeezed from capsules just before eating, or algae oil. Also, sea kelp
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    Bulldog puppy bladder infection

    I haven't had that experience ,but would recommend you start him on probiotics eg. sauerkraut from refrigerated section of health food store or commercial dog probiotic such as "Probiotic Miracle" . Start him on a probiotic now, give between doses of antibiotic and continue for a couple of...
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    Should i start raw diet

    2% of 50 pounds would be 1 pound a day, so feed him half a pound twice daily to start and see if he gains or loses weight. I would start with duck for a month, then add one protein a month. Rabbit is a lower allergy protein too. Other ones you'll have to try. Chicken is the most common one to...
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    Another episode for Buster

    My dog is on frozen raw and probiotics and still has to get the weekly Zymox otic or EcoEars flushes because she still has environmental allergies. I buy EcoEars because Zymox is so expensive in Canada but 1Chumly you live in USA so you might want to consider using the Zymox weekly for the rest...
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    Happy Birthday America....

    Happy Birthday to u and the boys !
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    I just read that young people are having COVID parties in Alabama, where they pay to get in, and invite COVID infected people., and the first person to contract COVID after the party gets the proceeds of the ticket sales. That's really messed up...
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    Taking Turns in Timeout Today

    Cuties ! Are they fighting ?
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    Help Needed! Dozer has a Poss furuncle?

    You could also try soaking in a dilute betadine bath daily, and then putting up Nu-Stock or Neosporin ointment or maybe even Bag Balm after bath. None of those need a Rx. You should avoid prednisone, I don't know why vet would prescribe that, I find vets like to overprescribe. If he's getting...
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    Possible torn tendon in back leg

    The turmeric paste is fantastic ! My wife's 13 yr old chihuahua just passed away, and she just started giving it to her in her last 3 months and she became much sprightlier with it. As I previously mentioned, it even killed a squirrel that dared to invade the yard a few months ago.
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    Possible torn tendon in back leg

    Have you ever tried rubbing on a CBD cream ? I wonder how it compares.
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    Possible torn tendon in back leg

    Poor guy, you are doing the right thing by limiting his movement. Hope he feels better soon. According to helsonwheels rubbing frankincense on it will fix whatever is wrong. She can comment when she reads what I wrote.
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    The main hotspot of Covid in Canada now is migrant workers on the farms in Leamington near Windsor Ontario. With the whole country almost Covid free you think the government could focus a few resources there. Instead the migrant workerswith Covid are probably going to Timmies etc spreading the...
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    top joint supplement

    Movoflex (egg shell membrane ) is a good one used by 2BullyMama I give my dog Acti-Flex 4000, organic turmeric, and fish oil squeezed out from capsules to cover joints and itching.