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    Bulldog twirling on bum and barking

    Help needed! Hi all, Was hoping to get some much needed advice my 8 month old bulldog for the past week or so has been twirling on his bum and barking and growling getting really frustrated. Last Saturday I rang the vet and they said it could be his anal glands needed expressing which I...
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    My dog was attacked :(

    Hi guys, I’m just looking for some advice really… So last night I was out for a walk with my dog at our local field, out of nowhere a dog (French Bulldog) runs at Bear and attacks him. He grabbed him by his cheek and pinned him to the floor. I was with my dad who has grown up with dogs and...
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    Help Needed! Bulldog still crackly 2 months after KC

    Hi new member here and I joined really to seek some advice. I have a 17 weeks old puppy and after a couple of days of having him we found out he had kennel cough (caught it from the breeders) his symptoms were always hacking trying to clear his throat, wet nose and sounding crackly. After...