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  1. Frost

    Ready for Game day!

    Bruno sporting his favorite Jersey. Go Bears!!!!
  2. Frost

    Bruno the first & Bruno the 2nd

    I found an old picture from about 12 years ago of my first Bruno who was about 55 pounds and Lean at 15 months old. Compared the new Bruno who is at 65 Pounds and just looks heavier.
  3. Frost

    Chilling on a hot spring day!

    A few days ago it was unusually close to 90 degrees so I decided to buy Bruno his own pool so he can enjoy the weather.
  4. Frost

    Bruno 10 months

    Bruno is almost 10 months can't believe how big he has gotten in 6 months.
  5. Frost

    Chicago English bulldog meetups

    Anyone in Chicago area having any meetups for their bullies?
  6. Frost

    6 month old Bruno

    I love this picture I took of him today.
  7. Frost

    Canine loose stanky breath

    Bruno left canine is almost about to fall out. I never experienced this with my first EB since he was 8 months old when I got him. I know puppies teeth will fall out and get replaced by new ones, but is there something I can give him for the meanwhile? his breath is super stinky! Thanks
  8. Frost

    Looking too try Zigniture food

    Hello, I been feeding Bruno Royal Canin since I got him from the breeder a month and a half ago. His undercoat is pink and his poop has shape but soft when I pick it up. I’m thinking he may have allergies to chicken. So I’m about 1/4 left In the bag and want to try zigniture but not sure about...
  9. Frost

    Glued Ear infected

    Hello, my Bruno has big floppy ears and recently came across a video on You tube on Glueing ears. I decided to give it a try and order tear mender glue. I glued them Saturday evening and did it it exactly like the video. I noticed since day 1 he was scratching his ears quite a bit. I figured he...
  10. Frost

    Puppy in Pool

    Hello, not sure if this has been posted but would it be safe to bring my 3 month old in a pool? And I am referring to the pool chemicals Chlorine, Saltwater and of course I would not let him go in the pool by himself I would be holding him? Thanks
  11. Frost

    Second Time EBD owner First time Raw feeder

    So thebfirst EBD I owned had all sorts of food allergies and had a constant troubles sticking to one brand that would work long enough. Just when you thought hurray! it would quickly damn! I decided I would try the Raw diet craze, yesterday I picked up my 10 Week old male from the Breeder. I was...
  12. Frost

    Greetings to all my Bulldog enthusiasts

    Proud new owner of a 10 week old Male English bulldog Chubz. This is my Second EBD and have a bit of experience with the breed but my first time starting the B.A.R.F diet. I will start a new post on the topic but I hope to make new friends and help any anyone with any knowledge I may have.