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  1. 2hillkids

    Daily poll: Does your bulldog(s) have a nickname?

    Lola - Baby Girl, Pretty Pretty Princess
  2. 2hillkids

    Ramps/Stairs for Dogs

    Lola is the same way. Loves to be on the couch. I have something similar. I bought a stair/ramp unit from Bed Bath and Beyond. It is carpeted on both sides and can convert just by flipping it over. Super easy. She really did not like the ramp. She goes up and down no problem. She uses it...
  3. 2hillkids

    Article: Fromm's "Cutest Bully Booty" has been decided!

    I do have to agree. That is one cute butt!! Congrats!!
  4. 2hillkids

    Hi everyone new here and to Bulldogs

    Welcome! I agree with Mom of Tucker. I too became a new owner/parent to a bulldog back in April. Very Thankful I found this forum because I have learned so much in the short amount of time. Very helpful and of course we have fun with contests and sharing all sorts of stories and pictures...
  5. 2hillkids

    Patrick's 1st birthday!

    Happy Birthday Patrick!!
  6. 2hillkids

    My Black Rug is now white

    I never heard of "blowing coats". Interesting. Good to know. I will introduce some coconut oil to her diet and see if that helps. I do believe we will be changing her food to Fromm once we are done with this bag. I have read a lot of people on here feed their bully's that. Thanks for the...
  7. 2hillkids

    My Black Rug is now white

    Lola is now 24 weeks and is she growing fast. I have learned a lot from this site so Thanks!! My question is why is she shedding so much? I know her food can have a lot to do with it. When we first got her she was on Royal Canine. We recently switched her to Nature's Instinct. (3 weeks ago)...
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    Trixie is home!!!!

    To cute for words!!
  9. 2hillkids

    My Precious BullBaby, Winnie

    I had to take a couple minutes to compose myself before I could type. That was a beautiful tribute. Made me cry. Words can't express how truly sad I am for you and your family. Winnie looked happy and from what I read she was very loved. She feels no pain now and you will see her again...
  10. 2hillkids

    this has to be!

    So cute!! Love the their faces! It made my day.
  11. 2hillkids

    New to Forum and bulldogs

    Welcome! Not sure who can dump any pet in a parking lot especially this cutie. I'm sure he is very happy you saved him.
  12. 2hillkids

    English Bulldog Ectopic Cilia and Cryoepilation

    Love the Picture!! Glad Baxter is going to get some comfort. What a relief that must be to actually find the cause. Prayers sent your way for a speedy recovery.
  13. 2hillkids

    Article: June 2015 Bulldog of the Month Winners!

    Congrats!! Amazing pictures. I also agree that Pati's photo brought tears to my eyes.
  14. 2hillkids

    Article: Fromm's Poetry Contest Winner Has Been Decided!

    Congrats!! Your Poem spoke from the heart and I liked that!!
  15. 2hillkids

    June 2015 Fromm Family Foods Contest: Write A Poem To Your Bully! ~ENTER HERE~

    Our Precious Lola Our family is now complete You shine in our world You are ever so sweet Lola you are our precious joy you make us smile and laugh when you bring us your bottle toy O Lola girl you are so fresh and new the puppy breath and wrinkles casts away the days stress and blues...
  16. 2hillkids

    Baseball Shirt Too Cute

    I agree with the others open a store. Super cute!