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    Uploading Pics

    Everytime I upload pictures into the upload manager they come up sideways. Why is that? Anyone else having this problem?
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    Sulley at 17 weeks old

    31 lbs !!!
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    Soft stools

    I'm feeding my 4 month old bulldog Merrick Grain Free Lamb and Sweet Potato 1 cup 3 times a day. He poops an awful lot and it soft. Not diarrhea. Just soft like sometimes piles. He was tested for parasites and it all came back negative. He is not having a problem gaining weight. He is 30lbs...
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    Tyson is a handsome man as well. ��
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    New to this

    Thank you!! He will be 16 weeks old this Saturday. He weighs 26lbs.
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    New to this

    This is Sullivan!!!!
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    New to this

    - - - Updated - - -
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    Weight at 16 weeks

    My English Bulldog will be 16 weeks this Saturday and weighs 26lbs. Is this good?
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    New to this

    Hello my name is Nick and I have an English Bulldog named Sullivan aka Sulley!!!