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    Help Needed! bulldog pain

    Thanks, found this helpful
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    How it works in my house.

    HAHA! Remi started doing this on occasion when he turned 1. He's saying "I don't want to be in here right now!" Aren't the little temper tantrums adorable?? xoxoo. Vegas is hilarious.
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    What is this?

    Remi gets this type of rash when he runs through long grass or has a food allergy. When we switched him to Fromms and went 25 old food to 75 new food, the rash definitely sprang up. We take care of this by bathing him in anti-septic shampoo, like Duoxo, and giving him a Benedryl. And of course...
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    Dog park today

    There is no way I would let Remi in that mud pit!!! Can you say bathe time?!?!?! That is a pretty awesome dog bark. We can't go to ours because something is always attacking our bully. I think he's too submissive.
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    Drinking a mimosa and thinking of you all.

    Merry Christmas, guys. Glad to have such an awesome bully family.
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    Daily poll: When does your family and Bully usually open presents?

    In the morning. I usually have to wake everyone up. Then we give Remi one of those GIANT bully sticks, that is impossible for him to choke on, and we then take it away and throw it out at the end of the session. It's amazing just how much he goes through in only 30 minutes. (I know what you are...
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    Itchy skin

    Remi gets this. The best shampoos to use for us is 1) Duoxo Shampoo and 2) smuttynose kava kava shampoo and the conditioner. It really helps refresh his skin. Don't forget to clean all bedding/toys after you give him a bath. And most important, sometimes our bullies have one spot that is...
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    Ha! I think I've been pretty good... most of the time :)

    Ha! I think I've been pretty good... most of the time :)
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    Daily poll: Is your bully crate trained?

    Really? That's fascinating. I imagine it's a lot easier to say 100% don't do that than to start deciding on what the maximum time should be. I work from home so Remi runs free most of the time, but he can be in the crate up to 4 hours while I'm teaching. Being a puppy, he would totally eat...
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    Daily poll: Is your bully crate trained?

    Yes, it's really the safest place for such a mouthy dog!
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    Daily poll: Why are you thankful for your bulldog?

    In addition to keeping me company, Remi has taught me some serious life lessons: Patience. Fortitude. Determination. Awareness. It's all made me a better person.
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    Help Needed! oh the horrible gas!!!

    Remi came to us on Diamond and after about a month we slowly switched him to nature's variety instinct. We finally landed on the limited diet lamb, and his farts are way less often and stinky. I probably notice one about once a week - and then I bet the hubby gave him something!
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    Not for the faint of heart

    This made me and the Hubby cry.... Our next dog will be a rescue. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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    Remi needs surgery! Tomorrow! Before noon!

    Guys... he passed it this morning!~!!!!!!!!!
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    Remi needs surgery! Tomorrow! Before noon!

    Picking up remi now....
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    Remi needs surgery! Tomorrow! Before noon!

    An update is available in the OP!
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    Remi needs surgery! Tomorrow! Before noon!

    He ate a piece of a toy and it's lodged in his intestine. He's been puking all day and shivering. Looks like he Remi is going to need surgery tomorrow. Thank God for care credit... Hoping our regular vet is less than the 5k we were quoted at the emergency hospital. Either way it's a must...
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    Daily poll: Have you ever been bitten by your bulldog?

    This. They don't know their own strength!
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    Life with Epilepsy

    This is completely not helpful but I felt the need to add. I'm on a strange cocktail for my anxiety and it includes an anti-seizure medication (for people with epilepsy, etc). I wish I could hook a bulldog up! ha ha ha.