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    Raw Feeding & Bones ?!!

    To give an update with our progress: I found out that the raw bones are important not just for calcium but enzymes and other goodies in the marrow. I tried giving Django a chicken wing to see if he would chew it, and he just INHALED. Blinked. And did that bully smile, lol, the stinker. So...
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    Raw Feeding & Bones ?!!

    Aha, excellent and thank you! Bone meal sounds much safer. I am SO sorry to hear about your Irish setter. :( Also, that picture is amazing! haha. What a cutie! :) Thanks!
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    Beef Heart

    Excellent article about organ meat, thank you!! I'm going to tell my hubby he has to get a deer this year JUST for the dog, lol... :)
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    Problems with raw

    What essential oils did you add? Thanks!
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    Raw Feeding & Bones ?!!

    I guess my question is also what is the nutritional importance of the bones? Calcium? Minerals? I've ordered the Give A Dog a Bone book but it won't be here for a few more business days. Thank you in advance for your answers!
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    Raw Feeding & Bones ?!!

    Re: Raw Feeding & Bones ?!! Well, I haven't tried bone matter at all yet. Wanted to get some input on the matter. :) We've been doing the diet for about a week now. I was mixing raw chicken, yogurt, broccoli, coconut oil, with his kibble. Just today we've gone to a kibble free bowl, and so...
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    Raw Feeding & Bones ?!!

    Hey everyone! Newbie here! ::waves:: I have just started my 1+ bully boy on a raw diet. Everything is going really well, but I am scared to DEATH to give him bones! I'm afraid he'll choke or have some digestive issue. (His jaw alignment is pretty good, but he's definitely an inhaler.) How do...
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    More tips on rawfeeding

    Hello everyone! Thank you for the raw feeding tips! My 1+ year old bully started having digital cyst issues, yeast, yucky folds (despite daily cleaning) and some bare patches on his back, and his stool was SO runny! The vet just gave us some antibiotics, which, did nothing. So I did some...