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    Urine Odor

    Some kibble mixed with cooked chicken tender or a thigh, maybe an egg mixed in (raw or boiled), twice daily. No medications.
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    urine stench in dirt

    I am in the wastewater treatment field and so this is right up my alley. Aerobic bacteria in the soil & water breathe in oxygen and exhale CO2 like us with no real odors. Anaerobic bacteria breakdown sulphur compounds during respiration and give off smelly gasses like ammonia, sulfides, etc. If...
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    Urine Odor

    During the summer, my boys urine smelled horrible. I would describe it as smelling like "tar" (I think the chemical odor is actually called mercaptaina). It wasn't particularly dark in color. I would "lead him to water but..." he just didn't seem thirsty. Was this a sign of a dietary issue, or...
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    Dog Food Ratings

    Bullmama, Can you offer a rating on Victor High Pro Plus? This is the kibble the breeder gave to us take home with our new EB. Also, is there another string on this forum for "natural foods"; i.e. I have been feeding our dogs a cooked chicken tenderloin, or thigh, maybe an egg (raw or boiled)...
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    How much should I feed Duff?

    When I got my 13 month, 60 lb. boy from the breeder, she provided me a bag of Victor High Pro Plus kibble food and said I should only give him 1 cup / once per day. Reading the Victor feeding guide, they recommend 3 1/3 cups / day. At the breeder, his activity was more limited, he had a kennel...
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    Perhaps the most important reason for removing the one "good testicle" is that it is a hereditary trait and not doing so could allow it to be passed on in the breed. I just found out mine has one, and the surgery cost is an extra $100. ... Maybe ask for prosthetic "balls" to be added to make...
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    Perhaps the most important reason is that it is a hereditary trait. Allowing him to keep the one "good testicle" could allow for him to pass on this unhealthy trait.