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  1. jdeveaux

    Daily Poll: Does your Bulldog escort you to the bathroom?

    When I'm home from work Jupiter is on my heels no matter what I'm doing or where I'm going, and she still does not get the concept of a door closing. If I do go in a room and close the door behind me I just see two paws under the door and get this really annoying whining sound every 15 seconds.
  2. jdeveaux

    Catching up...

    21.8 lbs today
  3. jdeveaux

    Catching up...

    So I've been out of pocket the past couple of weeks but felt I should update everyone on Jupiter and how she is making our life interesting. Left for scout event last weekend and wife calls on Saturday to tell me Jupiter is very sick! (Blowing out from both ends) So pack up and get back to meet...
  4. jdeveaux

    Such a stinker

    Don't mind me I'm just going to sit where-ever I want.
  5. jdeveaux

    Daily Poll: What's your biggest pet peeve with your bully's hygiene?

    My OTHER is the need to refresh the water bowl every time Jupiter comes inside. I swear she stores half the yard in her jowls just to drive us crazy. Goes to the water bowl and everything washes right into the bowl. :)
  6. jdeveaux

    Daily Poll: What's your biggest pet peeve with your bully's hygiene?

    I use to use the styptic pencil for mistakes when trimming toenails but the dogs would throw a fit so I tired it on myself when I got a cut and those freaking things sting! I use corn starch now; on the dogs, me I'm fine with a band-aid. :)
  7. jdeveaux

    Learned a new lesson last night

    Sorry no pictures but I thought you would get a good laugh at my expense. :blush2: I was wrestling with Jupiter on the guest bed while watching TV and I thought she had zonked out until I felt the microfiber squish pillow pulled out from under my head, and faster than I could even start to say...
  8. jdeveaux


    We use honey for our diabetic dog when she is run down or shaking it snaps her back to normal every time but be careful; as with all things use it in moderation.
  9. jdeveaux

    Happy Easter from Jupiter

    And the Stink Eye picture...
  10. jdeveaux

    Remove the husky and insert English bulldog

    natski282 What breed is the brindle one?
  11. jdeveaux

    Growing already :'(

    Love the bean bag picture but I think if I presented Jupiter with a bean bag she would destroy it :) She just turned 15 weeks and is tipping the scale at 18.2lbs :yikes:
  12. jdeveaux

    Trouble maker

    Poor Stella is full grown and every day she seems to be perplexed at how big her new buddy is getting. Stella loves to sneak up on her, get her nose under Jupiter and roll her but now Jupiter runs under her head first then stands up and puts her big bully smiling laugh on. I was trying to catch...
  13. jdeveaux

    Is it Friday yet?

    She will be 15 weeks old tomorrow. 3/18 :)
  14. jdeveaux

    Trouble maker

    She likes to help with the yard work and moving her older sister around.
  15. jdeveaux

    Daily Poll: How do you cool your bulldog down in the summer months?

    I miss seasons here in Texas. AC almost never really goes off for more than a few days and some 24 hour cycles will have the heat on at night then the AC during the day.
  16. jdeveaux

    Just an observation...

    :eeeew::stop: TMI ....:LMAO: