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  1. Frost

    Pooping puppy stage

    You didn't mention how long you or if you did any transition from brand to brand so he may be sensitive to chicken that's in Royal canin. My Bruno was on Royal Canin when we first got him but he had very soft poop so we switched him to Zignature. He did great on Whitefish switched him to Turkey...
  2. Frost

    Cherry Eye

    My first English bulldog had cherry eye in one eye and my vet recommended to do both eyes and the neutered take advantage of the anesthesia all at once. He recommended to do both in case in the future the other eye would pop out. I also tried massaging it back in place, but 2 days later I woke...
  3. Frost

    URGENT!!! HELP with food selection food to transition (new four legged mommy)

    If his stool still soft, add spoonful of canned pumpkin to his kibble.
  4. Frost

    Ready for Game day!

    Bruno sporting his favorite Jersey. Go Bears!!!!
  5. Frost

    Bruno the first & Bruno the 2nd

    I found an old picture from about 12 years ago of my first Bruno who was about 55 pounds and Lean at 15 months old. Compared the new Bruno who is at 65 Pounds and just looks heavier.
  6. Frost

    Bulldog Too skinny?

    At 5 months Bruno was getting 4 cups a day and at 13 months he's 65 lbs.
  7. Frost

    Stubbornness creating safety issues

    I have Trained Bruno with a Shock Collar and before anyone jumps on me I never used the shock feature on him. I only used the Audible and when he ignores the beep I use a mild vibration mode. I highly recommend it to anyone. Bully's can be very stubborn this. Now I he walk's with me at pet...
  8. Frost

    Chilling on a hot spring day!

    A few days ago it was unusually close to 90 degrees so I decided to buy Bruno his own pool so he can enjoy the weather.
  9. Frost

    Happy 7th Birthday Wallygator...

    Happy Birthday Wallygator!! From Bruno.
  10. Frost

    Bruno 10 months

    I always seen bullies at that age with smaller heads and the body being bigger but not the others way around. I just hope his body catches up 😂
  11. Frost

    Bruno 10 months

    Bruno is almost 10 months can't believe how big he has gotten in 6 months.
  12. Frost

    Chicago English bulldog meetups

    Anyone in Chicago area having any meetups for their bullies?
  13. Frost

    6 month old Bruno

    I love this picture I took of him today.
  14. Frost

    Canine loose stanky breath

    His canine is actually gone just checked. Still stinky though.
  15. Frost

    Canine loose stanky breath

    Bruno left canine is almost about to fall out. I never experienced this with my first EB since he was 8 months old when I got him. I know puppies teeth will fall out and get replaced by new ones, but is there something I can give him for the meanwhile? his breath is super stinky! Thanks
  16. Frost

    Looking too try Zigniture food

    What was the cost for an allergy test? also do you switch up the protein every time you run out? and is there any transition from protein to protein? Thanks
  17. Frost

    Looking too try Zigniture food

    So I bought Bruno the Kangaroo and I have been giving him 25% of the kangaroo for a total of 4 of his meals so far. Today his stool was really soft could this be the detox phase he is going through? Should I continue the course and keep transitioning him to full Kangaroo in the next 7 to 10...
  18. Frost

    Looking too try Zigniture food

    So would Turkey be to close to chicken to try? Want to keep the cost down.