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  1. asherose

    Long story long...complete with questions!

    Thanks Jersey!!! :heart:
  2. asherose

    Long story long...complete with questions!

    Ok, when it rains it pours! So, here's the most recent update. Radiologist report came back about the x-rays and showed no infection. He does have Spondylosis...but he told me it's not severe and at this point, so we will just monitor him and make sure he doesn't show signs of discomfort. If it...
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    Greetings from Georgia! New to the Forum!

    Hi there! These are the cutest pics!! Angus looks super excited for the new job!!!
  4. asherose

    Long story long...complete with questions!

    Thanks everyone for the replies!!! Sgt. had a great weekend and seems to be recovering from surgery with no issues. I'm waiting to hear back from the doctor (he's on lunch) about the radiologist results. Re-reading my post, I left out a few of the doctors comments (I swear I was trying to keep...
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    Long story long...complete with questions!

    Totally forgot, I should show everyone how handsome Sgt. was in his fresh surgery bandana when I picked him up the other night!
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    Long story long...complete with questions!

    Hey guys! I've been MIA for a, life...and Sgt! This is going to be a long one... So, my poor Sergeant had surgery on Thursday. A few months ago, we were out for a walk and his breathing really started to concern us. We essentially carried him home and took him to the vet the next...
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    My New Garden Project

    Your gardens look amazing! I love that hanger!! I'm so gardens are a mess this year...Sgt. keeps pooping in them, which seems to be encouraging the weeds to keep growing!! :glare:
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    Pouting and sulking

    This is too cute!!
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    Painting your baby!

    You did amazing!!! I am beyond impressed!! I go once every few months to a place called Pinot's Palette - we drink wine and paint! I'm awful, my paintings look like something done by a 2 year old...but it's so fun!
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    My sweet boy....

  11. asherose

    Petey Butterbean, a WV boy!

    Petey Butterbean!!!!! I love the name!!! Welcome both of you! Petey is adorable!!
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    Schultz turned 11 today!

    Happy birthday!!! Schultz looks like he had a great day!!! Him and his sister are just adorable!!
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    First Baby Bulldog 💕

    Stop, just stop!! She is so dang cute!!! The pink outfit! I love her!!! Welcome to the site!
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    A week later

    I am literally stalking your posts to get caught up! :yes:
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    New member from Oklahoma

    Well hello!! :hiya: I'm so happy you rescued Ava Mae! I can't wait to see pictures of her! I didn't know much about Sgt. (my rescue bulldog) before I found this place! I'll tell you, it's been a super fun journey!!!
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    First walk

    They're so cute together!!!
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    Supper time!

    What the?! You got a puppy!!! Congratulations @hellsonwheels & Nyala!! I haven't been able to get on here lately, and I'm missing all the good stuff!!!! I love the name (my dads Boston has the same one!). I go to find as many more pics of Duke as possible!!
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    Great job Joey!!! You are just too cute!!
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    Who Loves POPCORN!!!!

    So cute! Our cat loves Smartfood...but only Smartfood. She won't eat any other popcorn, but she can hear you open a bag of Smartfood from 2 levels down!
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    Hey it's me Chubby...been a minute

    Sorry for your loss. :heart: