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  1. EllieMay

    I’ve moved……

    It took me two full years before I would let Cinder walk in the pasture with me. I was terrified that she would get kicked by a horse or run for the woods.. only the past couple months have we crossed that line.. she’s a good girl though and stays right with me.. THANKFULLY. We have coyotes...
  2. EllieMay

    My Girl Joey - A Story and A Journey

    Omg! When I saw the title of your thread. I was scared to death to read it… I am SO glad that she’s home with you on the mend. I’m so sorry for the days you must have went through!
  3. EllieMay

    Just checking in

    Hello! I just wanted to drop in and see how everyone is doing. Cinder and I are well and want to wish everyone a good day!
  4. EllieMay

    Away so long.... now Entopion

    I wish Stella the best of luck with this. And you and hubby too!
  5. EllieMay

    OK EBN PEEPS……message….

    Congrats to you! I’m all about the farm life.. after the shit show of moving, hopefully the peace will follow. Good luck!
  6. EllieMay

    Happy Birthday Joey Girl !!!

    Happy Birthday Joey! I wish for you many more.
  7. EllieMay

    ~ENTER HERE~ March 2021 Bulldog of the Month ~BIG FAT BULLY HEADS~

    Cinder doing what Cinder does best:-)
  8. EllieMay

    Help Needed! Hip dysplasia with luxation - FHO vs THR

    I had numerous vets tell me that my dog needed surgery at 7months old and just before I was about to go through with it, an acknowledged bulldog specialist convinced me to wait.. it was the best thing I have ever done. They have such a huge growing spurt from 4- 7 months that their ligaments...
  9. EllieMay

    EBD Puppy - Hip Dysplasia Surgery?

    I had some problems with mine when she was just a pup and several local vets immediately wanted to do some sort of surgery. I finally found a bulldog specialist and he told me that he wouldn’t even consider any kind of surgery until she was at least a 1yr old and possibly two.. EBD’s grow...
  10. EllieMay

    Sandy made a bowl of cheese cubes for SuperBowl...

    I love it!!! I bet they all appreciate the different interaction at times!
  11. EllieMay

    2 weeks until puppy arrives!

    Wesley is just perfect! Losing a loved one is so hard and He will bring y’all so much comfort . Nothing at all to be guilty about. Your situation is the same reason I ended up with my Cinder... and she’s so special in a way all of her own. I am excited to see Wesley grow too. I love the giant...
  12. EllieMay

    Winner winner chicken dinner

    Well done!!! She will be right in Thor’s footsteps! Moving the bullies up in the world! What a pretty & smart girl you have;-)
  13. EllieMay


    I have been using Core Wellness RevRaw... it’s grain free with a mixture of raw. And they have different proteins available
  14. EllieMay

    Ellie here...

    Love it! I have more pics of me n Cinder on my phone than I do with my kids!
  15. EllieMay

    A flower for you 🌹

  16. EllieMay

    Good morning!!!

    LOL!!! I see a pattern here :excited:
  17. EllieMay

    Good morning!!!

    I am NOT amused....
  18. EllieMay

    A dogs life

    Lol! Thank you all:-) I tell everyone that she is my greatest love affair.. she’s my first bulldog and really wanted her but I never dreamed how close we would become. She is very special to me.. Such an individual with personality.. she worked her way right on in to this family:-)