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  1. ladywebb

    Idiopathic Head Tremors (Head Bobbing) Who's Bulldog has had them?

    Gilbert started having this issue this summer all of a sudden. The only new thing we had given him was a benebone wishbone (chicken flavor). Took the chew away and they stopped. The benebone definitely got thrown away and the tremors have not been back (knock on wood). He usually gets raw...
  2. ladywebb

    Lambeau has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    Sorry to hear the news about Lambeau. Glad to hear that he is doing well!
  3. ladywebb

    Could peas or legumes be the problem?

    Acana Limited ingredient does not have peas and is grain free.
  4. ladywebb

    Just Adopted an English Bulldog

    She is adorable!!
  5. ladywebb

    Spring Time!

    That "mud pack" was mild compared to later in the day!:yikes::yes:
  6. ladywebb

    If only the crate was 1” longer…

    oh, my! :LMAO:
  7. ladywebb

    Spring Time!

    Time to deal with muddy paws AND a muddy face!
  8. ladywebb

    Geoffs had the snip

    So glad to hear everything went well!
  9. ladywebb

    MINI aspirated several times yesterday...

    So very sorry to hear about your beautiful girl. She was very lucky to have had you both in her life.
  10. ladywebb

    Surgical suit

    Gilbert didn't get a collar when he had his surgery. But, then again, he didn't need it. Gilbert can't bend his body like that :LOL:
  11. ladywebb

    Bear Turns 1!

    Happy Birthday Bear!! :girlbirthday:
  12. ladywebb

    Is bear too small??

    I think Bear looks great! He sounds like he's about the same size as Gilbert. Gilbert is only about 20 in at the top of his head and weighs in between 56-58. Definitely ALL chest!
  13. ladywebb

    Our 67 lb lapdog!

    She definitely looks comfy!
  14. ladywebb

    Bear had his BOAS surgery!

    YAY!! So glad to hear that everything went well with Bear's surgery and he is recovering nicely!! Also...:birthday: Bear!! Gilbert and I hope you have a great day!!
  15. ladywebb

    Merry Christmas from Oscar the Olde!!

    Merry Christmas
  16. ladywebb

    Boas Surgery - any tips/advice?

    Good luck Bear! You will do great!! Please keep us posted!