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    Skin problem?? Any fix?? (Balding)

    Hello everyone does anybody have experience with skin issues with your bulldogs?? Matilda is 5 years old now and does not seem affected by it (still plays and eats normal since she was a baby) and doctor tells us not to worry about it that it is just genetics. Can she grow her hair back with...
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    URGENT!!! Question about eye and skin! Help!

    thank you everybody so much for the replies. 3 months for it to heal:cry: that does make me feel a little better though, 3 weeks is just pretty long to me I am definently going to get a second opinion and maybe even change vets because i want to find the perfect vet that i like as well used...
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    URGENT!!! Question about eye and skin! Help!

    Do you think the irratation could be from a tight e-collar? Well the vet thinks that she scratched herself :/
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    URGENT!!! Question about eye and skin! Help!

    Well it was only like a bite of each but still. She is 4 months old and she is doing awesome on totw puppy formula. Thank you i really appreciate it
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    URGENT!!! Question about eye and skin! Help!

    Bad news :( My puppy got a scratch on her eye, its not literally a scratch but the vet pointed out the dullness of the center of her eyeball. She's wearing an e collar and I feel really bad for her. Its going on the 3rd week now on eyedrop antibiotic(tobramycin ophthalmic solution)as well as...
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    New bully parents & a few questions

    wow hes a very pretty color! maybe he doesnt like the restrain collar? maybe let him free and see what happens? just a thought Im also trying to decide what the best food is as well my pup is about 2 months old
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    New member, New puppy!!

    so what does everybody feed their pup bullys?? ive been using puppy chow but heard that it isnt good quality more pictures! more to come :)
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    New member, New puppy!!

    aw, i want her to stay tiny haha even tho im excited for her to get big too! ill definently post some more pictures when i get home. i have about a hundred:yes:
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    New member, New puppy!!

    Hello everybody, just found this forum i think its really cool! wanted to introduce my self and my new puppy. Im IN LOVE with her!!! shes awesome:heart: shes 10 weeks old. she likes to chew everything! about how long do they stay this small as a puppy??
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    28 pounds to small???

    wow, do they do all their growing in the first year??
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    Tail pocket

    didnt know this was serious! thanks for the tips. I need to start NOW lol
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    I blame ALL of you ! (Pictures)

    shes a cute little thing!