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  1. anatess

    He eats and chew everything

    My suggestions: 1. Kennel train. - when you can't keep an eye on him, he stays in the kennel to prevent him from acquiring bad habits. 2. Teach attention. - this is a command you give that will signal the dog to stop what he's doing and look at you at attention. it's like...
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    Happy Birthday Nyala, you pretty girl, you!
  3. anatess

    Our Bulldogs Passing

    I want to just forget the past 2 1/2 years happened. My husband asked me today... "what do you want to do with the frozen dog food?". No answer. I can't even think of that. I can't even bring myself to put away his frisbee.
  4. anatess

    Bongo had passed.

    So sorry to hear. :*( Peaceful trails to the rainbow bridge, Bongo.
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    When Bullie passed away in 2020, it seemed easier somehow because Angus was there to comfort us. This time it is so much harder. I testify that dogs are man's best friend. They somehow instinctively know how to support their person, even with very independent dogs like English Bulldogs...
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    He is gone. July 17, 2010 - Sept 13, 2022
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    He's telling me it's time. I can't do it. :cry: This sucks.
  8. anatess

    Cooper Has Been Re-homed

    This is an awesome story. I just read the original post and can feel the dilemma the new family has deep in my bones. My family went through something like this too. My son was going through a tough time with dog allergies which severely compromised his health. We were faced with having to...
  9. anatess

    How old is your Bulldog?

    Bullie (pictured on my avatar) passed away last year. She was 13. Angus (my other EB) turned 12 last July. Still loving life although he's having a tough time chasing frisbees these days.
  10. anatess

    Need diet help for my overweight boy.

    Oh man! Florida has a great Prey-Model Raw Co-op! Wonder if your family can ship a cooler of raw food through the Flat Rate USPS boxes. hmmm... In any case, LA has several local butchers. There's probably a PMR co-op there too. I always recommend going the extra step into Prey-Model Raw...
  11. anatess

    Change Feeding Frequency

    You have a lot more to learn about dogs. 😉 Lots if this type of info you get from the raw-feeding crowd, especially the PMR ones. A lot of them do fast/gorge periods.
  12. anatess

    Reggie! We have a name!

    Hello, Reggie!
  13. anatess

    Harvey Specter is gone all of a sudden -

    We feel your pain. Harvey was such a beautiful bulldog with all the classic bulldog cuteness. We pray you find peace and comfort with your loved ones.
  14. anatess

    Change Feeding Frequency

    Yes, this is normal. Dogs produce bile in anticipation of food when they are fed on a clock-work type schedule (which is why I don't feed my dogs that way). When they don't get the food as they expect, they gag out the bile.
  15. anatess

    Collar Question

    We use harness. Collar only for tags, not worn when at home. One time, Angus, just out of the blue, decided to jump off the dock into deep waters. Good thing he had a harness on. We were able to pull him up with the leash and harness without either one breaking. Whew! We would have had to...
  16. anatess

    Hello Everyone

    Cute bulldog! Welcome.
  17. anatess

    Peppa no like stairs!

    I'm telling you... whoever put up that list of "dumbest dog" putting English Bulldog on the list have never owned an EB... they are so smart they know they don't have to do stairs because their humans will do it for them. :p I swear, my EB would sometimes look at me when I want him to do...
  18. anatess

    Raw suppliers in UK?

    I'm in the US. I feed my dogs butcher shop meat (just like a regular grocery store but is mostly the meat section). I choose the butcher shop rather than the regular grocery because, like you said, the cuts that you can get for cheap at the regular grocery are injected with broth, whereas you...
  19. anatess

    EB just turned 9. Any idea what the issue is?

    It seems more like something is hurting him and he wakes up like that when it flares up. At his age, it could be joint pain that is exacerbated by his sleeping position. Does he exhibit pain signals when he walks? My bulldog is so stoic he doesn't show much signal of being in pain other than...
  20. anatess

    Where’s there food there’s Jake

    I swear these guys' skin is so thick they just don't care to be poked! You got some wonderful dogs there Hels! And your property they get to roam is to die for.