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  1. schimpfy

    Surgery day

    So glad Frankie took to it well and now you can relax a bit more until the next thing comes along and as bully parents we know it’s coming. Give her big hugs and scratches from us
  2. schimpfy

    My big boy

    Chance has is radar up and running and is hoping for a bit of play time or perhaps a rub behind the ear or belly
  3. schimpfy

    Hey hope your doing well have been out of the loop for quite awhile, Chance and I are doing well...

    Hey hope your doing well have been out of the loop for quite awhile, Chance and I are doing well and will be getting back to the community on a more often basis. wanted to say hi and that I missed you
  4. schimpfy


    Thanks for the info seems to be happening a lot more lately
  5. schimpfy

    My portrait...♡♡♡

    Looks all warm and cozy almost like wearing a thunder jacket
  6. schimpfy

    It has been far too long

    Have been away for awhile but none of you have left my heart, hopefully will try and get back some more. Chance and I are doing well have just had an Ablation done on my heart hopefully stopping the irregular heartbeat and help my heart pump better and give proper access to oxygen through out my...
  7. schimpfy

    Happy Birthday to EBN Founder Lisa!!!

    To one of the most Incredible person in the world wishing you a fabulous birthday and so much more. We are all so fortunate to have you in our lives. Hope you have a fantastic day filled with love and giggles and many many more to come.
  8. schimpfy

    It has been far too long H%%

    Hello everyone sorry it has been ages since I last posted anything and am missing everyone. Well have been in remission since June and had my denutting done it has been a long haul recovery but not there yet. The chemo that was pumped through my heart has weakened it to working at 25% and am...
  9. schimpfy

    New Member

    okay you both have me in tears so loving and Cheryl we will all be lost without Vegas you both are incredible parents
  10. schimpfy

    Thanks for the comfort, frank

    Okay a bit different but the same. I just started taking testosterone shots and they tend to make me a little - lot on the Randy side my husband says he runs around looking for knot holes to fill as a joke to friends at least I hope it is a joke. Getting to the point Chance who was neutered over...
  11. schimpfy

    Happy Birthday RalphieBoy

    :evilha::havemyheart::heart::beerparty::party::yikes::whut?::secret2::phonecall::letter::birthday6::balloons::birthday 7: Here is hoping you have an Incredible Birthday so glad your part of the pack
  12. schimpfy


    Perhaps if she played a game he enjoys or buying an interactive game between the two of them. Walks seem to be a big part in the pack so definitely more walks and make them fun. Then there is a bully's downfall - food - find his sweet spot and have her only give him those treats. Good luck...
  13. schimpfy

    New Member

    :hiii::welcome: my condolences it is not fair to lose a loved one so quickly but at least we were fortunate to have loved than to not have loved at all. As you can see this is the right place to be with all the support, understanding and encouragement. Time is what is needed and time now with...
  14. schimpfy

    Article: June 2016 Bulldog of the Month Contest Winner!

    Love that special bond great pics and congrats to the winner and runner up or it that bottoms up :D
  15. schimpfy


    :hiii::welcome::peekaboo: so glad you found the site tons of info and fantastic supporters look forward to reading about their adventures and seeing some pics. With such a family you should check out a sister site called The Pet Help Forum, I myself am on 3 out of the 5 I believe.
  16. schimpfy

    Ellie Update

    There is no place like home - glad all went well and fingers and paws crossed that it has all been settled - :yes:
  17. schimpfy

    Cool for the summer ...

    fill me up to the top so I can start getting my chill on - please
  18. schimpfy

    Hi from Hattie and I

    Sometimes some things are just meant to be, oh and :welcome: so glad you decided to join in miss HP sounds like she has her furever home may you both be blessed. Look forward to your future posts and of course more pics - have fun :yes:
  19. schimpfy

    How often do you bathe...

    Once he becomes gamey around a month or two less if he finds a mud puddle :yes4:
  20. schimpfy

    Hey from Vancouver!!

    :hiii::welcome::peekaboo: So glad you found the site We live in East Vancouver and love this site and the people here. Tons of information and support. Have you checked out English bulldog walks in Vancouver they can be a lot of fun and great exercise for them . My boy is a cross 1/2 English the...