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  1. ChrisRN

    Hello, First time owner of a EBD

    He is beautiful! Congratulations and welcome!
  2. ChrisRN

    Let’s see those bully faces!

    Sometimes it’s hard to tell which is cuter—front or backside!
  3. ChrisRN

    Let’s see those bully faces!

    Sorry! Had to get the bully butts in there, too! :P
  4. ChrisRN

    Let’s see those bully faces!

    I love these guys!
  5. ChrisRN

    ~ENTER HERE~ Bulldog of the Month Contest "ALL DRESSED UP"

    Ariel in her push-up coconut bra.
  6. ChrisRN

    puppy food and amounts

    Welcome to EBN! We’re glad you’re here! :smileywelcome:
  7. ChrisRN

    ~ENTER HERE!~ 10th Annual Bulldog Grinch Contest!

    DAMN! I’ve missed you guys! This site always makes me laugh. :sarcastic:
  8. ChrisRN

    Zen bulldog

    She is adorable! And doesn’t have a care. Thank you for sharing.
  9. ChrisRN

    Face Wrinkle Wipes

    I am going to have to try witch hazel! Thanks!
  10. ChrisRN

    Zen bulldog

    Ariel really knows how to chill. :lazy2:
  11. ChrisRN

    What is your Bully’s favourite thing?

    Ariel LOVES people! All people!
  12. ChrisRN

    Dudleys gone too soon

    I’m just now reading this. It brought me to tears. I know I will be devastated when Ariel goes to the bridge. I hope you all are doing better.:cry:
  13. ChrisRN

    Bruno Mars the rescue dog

    OMG! He is adorable! :luv: You are going to have so much fun with him! He is so lucky to have you!
  14. ChrisRN

    Joey's Eye Issue UPDATE -- NEED INPUT PLEASE

    I have fortunately never had this problem so I can’t weigh in here. I think the best advice you’ve been given is to avoid full sedation and, if you trust your vet, follow his recommendation. Prayers for a positive outcome!:pray2:
  15. ChrisRN

    Raised feeding bowls

    Plastic bowls are a no-no in our house! The scratches hold bacteria which can lead to dog acne, which we fought for years. We only use stainless steel. I used to use elevated feeders for my bullmastiffs, but the dogs were very tall. We don’t use them for our bulldogs after I read the same...
  16. ChrisRN

    Get a bulldog they said.....

    Oh no! I hope you have a speedy recovery!
  17. ChrisRN

    When we’re you ready to get another Bulldog?

    When we lost Mabel there was no doubt we would have another. Bill wanted to wait because the pain of losing her hit him hard. I found Ariel through a friend of a friend of a . . . We were in love the moment we met her. She did not have the same health issues as Mabel, which was really fun for...