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  1. JessicaK11

    I may be a tad bit CRAZY!!!

    We have named him Duke, Diesel is for sure jealous and it is going to take some time getting use too since he was so spoiled and not around other dogs. Duke has been around plenty and doesn't care to continue to play with Diesel, like Diesel doesn't know when to stop going for him. Hopefully not...
  2. JessicaK11

    I may be a tad bit CRAZY!!!

    Meet Diesels new brother. I had to get another one when I saw this sweet boy. I pick him up tonight. He is already 5 months old.
  3. JessicaK11

    Goodbye is the hardest part...Rest In Peace Nigel

    Oh My goodness, I don't want to read another post about a bully crossing the rainbow bridge. Too many in the past couple weeks. Makes me so sad and teary eyed when they aren't even mine. But like y'all, they are not just pets or dogs...they are apart of the family and another kid in my eyes. I...
  4. JessicaK11

    Happy Birfday to Me

    AWWW Happy Birthday to your beautiful baby!!! Its her day today momma. Diesel wishes he was closer and he could share some doggy cake :)
  5. JessicaK11

    Eye questions and concerns

    omg i had to post this....I saw under my name it said pooper scooper and was like who the heck changed my name (thinking my kids did it to be funny) Than realized its the names for how active etc lmao....I need more coffee
  6. JessicaK11

    Eye questions and concerns

    I was coming to update everyone after my vet appointment yesterday morning. Absolutely would recommend this vet 100 Percent to anyone looking for one around the dfw area. Vets around here are still doing curbside with the covid BS and this doctor actually came out introduced himself and talked...
  7. JessicaK11

    Does she realize it is out??!!??

    lol the tongue gets me all the time. I can't get over how it just sticks out. Diesels is small right now but it cracks me up. It is so long when he sticks it all out so I'm guess that's why it always hangs out with bulldogs?!
  8. JessicaK11

    Buster had to have ACL surgery

    Glad to hear everything went well and he is at home recovering now. Hoping the recovery process isn't too long and Buster is back to being himself.
  9. JessicaK11

    Eye questions and concerns

    I will definitely keep everyone updated. Hopefully its nothing, and he is fine. This was from this past weekend at my daughters softball tournament waiting for the game to get over to start. He truly is my buddy and I'm so attached already. I couldn't imagine anything serious already being wrong...
  10. JessicaK11

    Eye questions and concerns

    Just wanted to update everyone. I called the Cityview Animal Hospital and the receptionist was very rude and said that they do not see english bulldogs and have asked to be taken off the list previously. I looked on the list and called the Arlington Heights Animal hospital who is also in Ft...
  11. JessicaK11

    I’m comfy thanks mum

    lol that's how Diesel has to sleep on me. He is almost getting too big to do that anymore, but he has to be touching me. Yes he is spoiled and sleeps in the bed with the husband and I. I like to think of him as my last child since i can't have anymore.
  12. JessicaK11

    Eye questions and concerns

    Thank you so much, I will call them in the morning and make an appointment. I appreciate y’all’s help and finding one. I love this site.
  13. JessicaK11

    Eye questions and concerns

    I live in Tolar Texas if that helps, thank you so much.
  14. JessicaK11

    Eye questions and concerns

    Diesels left eye (His left, right if we were looking at him) has always been more red/bloodshot looking. The vet has never questioned it or even mentioned it and it has been there since his well check up and shot appointments. I didn't think much of it since I know some bulldogs have more red...
  15. JessicaK11

    I DO FIT!

    OHHH MYY GOOODNESSS that is the cutest thing ever. They are so determined when it comes to something they can prove. Lol she cracks me up
  16. JessicaK11


    Diesel loves water bottles, I take the top off of them so he can crush them and make the sound that he loves. I also have an ice cube tray that makes long thin pieces of ice for water bottles and he loves to chew on that when his teeth are hurting. We got so many toys as well, and he would...
  17. JessicaK11

    Saying Goodbye to My Cuddle Buddy

    I am so so sorry. Couldn't even imagine going through that. Hugs and Prayers to your family.
  18. JessicaK11

    Hello, First time owner of a EBD

    Diesel is growing and getting so big way too fast. I wanted to come on here and check in and update on him. I swear i have a newborn baby :no: He wears me out and has to be by my side 24/7. He definitely has such a fun and long personality. He went to the vet yesterday for his rabies and he is...
  19. JessicaK11

    Hello, First time owner of a EBD

    I switched to just a 1/2 cup 3 times a day and he eats it all now. Thank y'all so much, I feel relieved now and not worried that something was wrong or he wasn't liking this new food. I appreciate it.
  20. JessicaK11

    Hello, First time owner of a EBD

    Thank you so much 2BullyMama, I really do appreciate it. Y'all are great at the quick responses and I feel like I will be annoying at times asking so many questions even when I have read every article over and over. This forum is the best and has been the most helpful ever.