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  1. benny

    Article on reverse sneezing

    My first bulldog would _always_ hock a loogie immediately following every episode of reverse sneezing. He could throw them pretty far 🤣 We didn't have a remedy back then, but I have heard rubbing their throat works as well.
  2. benny

    Not new but returning

    It is similar to Neo-Predef and Cornstarch so I’ll tell you what I do with them: For the neopredef I shake it into an opening I make with my other hand. Make a pile on the side and then with a qtip I work it into the pocket. For cornstarch and I am assuming this will be what you do with gold...
  3. benny

    Not new but returning

    Tail pocket having issues: - Chlorohexidine 2%, get very soft gauze or cloth and soak it with c-hex and soak and clean the area. Let it sit 5 minutes then gently dry with clean soft gauze or cloth - Neo-predef - it requires a prescription from your vet, but it is what you want. Squirt the powder...
  4. benny


    always right before a show lol
  5. benny

    First Show-4-6 mos puppy class

    Hooray!! Looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming VA shows
  6. benny

    Just because we're wondering what pieces are used to cobble together...

    Are you saying this ISN'T a chihuahua?!? I need to have my glasses checked I guess
  7. benny

    Saving the flat-faced breed

    Division VII sponsored OFA BOAS tests at this past weekend's Capital Bulldog Club's specialty show. They tested 12 at the show, and everyone passed. Several received the best score, a zero! Millie scored a respectable 1 and helped convince others to get in line. I was proud of her and of the...
  8. benny

    Not sure what these are????

    WOW! You surely got nailed bad. Is your hand healing ok? Those look like warts to me. He may have picked up a virus from the bite.
  9. benny

    Soft stool

    It's pretty easy for them to pick up a parasite. I would have the vet check for them to rule it out. You may be fighting a parasite, and there's nothing you're going to stumble on to resolve it. How much are you feeding per meal, and how many meals per day? To get down to the bottom of...
  10. benny

    Soft stool

    I’m a fan of the proplan puppy food, but it is possible he isn’t processing it well. Freeze dried pumpkin should work - I recommend remoistening it first. Are you adding anything else to his food? What treats if any is he getting? When was the last time his stool was checked for parasites...
  11. benny

    Soft stool

    His stool should be the consistency of fresh to moderately used playdough. You should be able to pick it up with a plastic bag and place it back down without leaving a bunch behind on the bag. You can imagine drop kicking it without spattering, but it will probably leave a mark. What are you...
  12. benny

    Team Two Scoops earned TKN

    My daughter and Millie earned their trick dog novice title today. Pending AKC approval, introducing: Johnston Ivyside Two Scoops Vanilly, CGC TKN
  13. benny

    US Army

    not that I ever recommend following Joe Rogan, but there are actually a few schedule 1 coming out of testing phases and waiting for approval
  14. benny


    This is the same smell that dandruff shampoo has, TGel
  15. benny


    Those sore spots seem to fill in with fuzz all of a sudden. Keep up on the nustock and good luck 🍀🤞🍀🤞🍀
  16. benny

    Bovine Colostrum

    IMO, go with the scientific method: Stop giving it for a week and monitor her itching. If she doesn't stop itching, it's likely something else. If she stops, give it again next week and see if the itching returns.
  17. benny

    Latest on DCM from tufts

    Potatoes are one of the ingredients that seem to cause instant tear stains for Millie
  18. benny

    Need help on next steps with Food

    This is the same problem a friend of mine had when she tried to switch to raw. It certainly isn’t for everyone
  19. benny

    Latest on DCM from tufts

    Sounds like the bottom line is still to stay away from peas legumes and other “pulses” in the ingredient list. I have been looking through foods a lot lately. MANY at the specialty store near me have some type of pulses in the top 10 ingredients. Some as the first or third...
  20. benny

    Probiotic, Kraut & Bovine Colostrum

    I change it up each meal (as @Cbrugs suggests). Also, as @Bulldog2001 has suggested, I don't add the colostrum to the food. Instead, she licks it out of my hand a half hour before breakfast.