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  1. SBbulldog

    Puppy Shedding

    Hi everyone, my 5 month old EB is shedding a lot, and I’m not sure if it’s seasonal. We’re in CA and don’t really have seasons—it was 80° on Monday, so I’m not sure if he’s blowing his coat or if it’s something else. He is on Acana grain free red meat recipe currently and having no issues—firm...
  2. SBbulldog

    New Owner - Food Advice

    Hi, I am a new bulldog mom to Otto (14wks). I had a question about food. I originally purchased Royal Canin, and now understand it’s crap, so have switched him over to Acana Wholesome Grains. I see a lot of posts advocating grain-free, but my vet told me “grain free is a joke and dogs need...