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    My Jewelie Girl

    I am so very sorry for your loss. Sending you hugs and peaceful vibes in your healing
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    Switching to raw

    Actually I had to stop the raw. She was diagnosed with protein losing enteropathy. The raw having her shooting diarrhea, probably dehydrating her. So now we are in the throws of steroids and dietary changes.
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    Switching to raw

    Yes my experience exactly. When I used to cook her food she rarely drank, prescription kibble maybe drank a little more….but now on raw markedly more.
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    Switching to raw

    Actually it’s gotten a little more complicated. First she did eat her other 1/2 later when I hand fed her. She has a hard time getting the food out of the bowl. I had a blood panel done Thursday just prior to raw switch. Vet emailed me over weekend. Tudy has PLE, protein loss enteropathy. Never...
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    Switching to raw

    Ok I may have a problem. Tudy just refused 1/2 her second raw meal today. She NEVER refuses food. Should I worry? Ha I prolly just need someone else to tell me not to worry
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    Switching to raw

    I am so excited to be finally making this step. Had bullies for 40 plus years. Can teach an old dog new tricks
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    Switching to raw

    Thanks for the forewarning. I’m a nurse and have bulldogs….got the smells covered. Pretty excited to get this diet delivered
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    Very vocal boy

    My bad! Never saw your question. So I’ve determined it’s his waning cry, same pitch when he doesn’t get his way or wants my attention. He’s like the kid who doesn’t want to got I sleep yet. But I’ll keep in mind to post a vid
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    Leo is becoming quite the daredevil
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    Managing the couch
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    Silly girl!

    Just the way they are…right in the way!
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    Switching to raw

    I’ve decided to switch my two EB to raw diet. Upon searching the threads, I’ve settled in ordering for delivery via Rawfedk9. I’ve just emailed them for assistance in ordering for a month. I have a rescue that I’m sure was crated her first 4 years. She still had the usual jelly pads on her paws...
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    Prepared foods delivered

    Wow thanks for this post. I have many of the same issues with a rescue I’ve had for 5 years. I am certain she was crated 24/7 because she was like a 4 year old puppy (vet approximate age): ears like powder inside and her paw pads were like jelly bags! I don’t like giving dry food but she’s on...
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    Adopted a retired bulldog

    Yes, thank you for adopting. And congratulations
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    When is it "time"?

    We’ve all been here. It’s a heartfelt place to be. I don’t know if this was addressed earlier but there are vets who will come to your home, 24 hours a day. This is what I chose to do when I made the decision. It was the best way to send her to Rainbow Bridge. She was near 13 years old.
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    Very vocal boy

    FYI, I’m talking of two different males. My previous boy lived until 11 and never slowed down. He was such a trooper! I guess that’s why I get so nervous with Leo.
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    Very vocal boy

    Oh I feel you about your boy! Same thing happened to me. He had a near necrotic gallbladder, then found the cancer. He never gave the slightest hint his gallbladder was diseased. I’m a nurse, I know how painful this is. Leo isn’t asleep yet, just in the fringe of sleep. In fact he did it just...
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    Very vocal boy

    Leo is just rounding 10 months and the most vocal EB I’ve ever owned. He barks incessantly at the other dogs for attention and play. This behavior I’m sure I can get in control; however, it’s at certain times he whines or cries that bother me. The behavior that bothers me most is when he’s...
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    Digestive issues-Help

    Thank you! I will sure try
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    Surgery for puppy safe age

    Thank you for the cookie sheet advice. Slowed his intake down and was quite entertaining