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  1. jenzaar

    FINALLY A Plush Toy That Joey Does Not Destroy

    Thank you!!! I buy the cheapies for Winslow (totally for me) and sneak them in while he naps, always aware of their fate, but needing to see him love on a plushie every now and again.. maybe there's hope :)
  2. jenzaar

    Hi, I am Mel and this is my furry bully baby Bella

    She looks SO happy to be with you, as she should be! You've done a beautiful thing for Bella. [emoji813]
  3. jenzaar

    Uggh Butt Hairs

    How could i not click on this thread with a title like that?! :o We had that this week too... except there was still a "berry" attached to the "vine" and i couldn't for the life of me get it away!!!
  4. jenzaar

    New Here! Meet Lincoln

    He is one good looking boy!
  5. jenzaar

    Bulldog in deep grief

    She's beautiful. I hope they become best friends and Custer lights back up again. ❤ I don't know why but this thread has been a real tear jerker for me. I haven't experienced this either so it's nothing nostalgic, just feel for your boy i guess. Your update on him got me all emotional again...
  6. jenzaar


    Omggg!!! I've not been around much but I'm so glad i at least did not miss this pic!! ❤❤
  7. jenzaar

    Happy 1st Birthday Willow!!!

    Happy birthday Willow!! 😘😘 That would be a great day, even something that would make me happy on MY birthday!! Glad you finally got to celebrate. :D
  8. jenzaar

    I think it's a hot spot? :/

    Left ear. You're rich! You know, he did a little bit of head-rubbing on the floor this week but i thought nothing of it. I'll pay better attention next time i see anything like that. So the hot spots are caused by the surface being irritated? Or can they present by themselves. I knew they were...
  9. jenzaar

    I think it's a hot spot? :/

    cefe13 ouchies! I'm glad it did heal that easily. I looked at Elmo's thread and yes oscarmayer that was the one I had remembered.
  10. jenzaar

    I think it's a hot spot? :/

    Took him in... shaved him up and checked his ears, looks like he has a small ear infection. Another first! :ohmy: I already forget the names of what they gave me... but will post later and keep updated in case these might work for anyone else. :)
  11. jenzaar

    I think it's a hot spot? :/

    Wow! Will definitely try to keep some on hand. And i love that booty too! Okay, good to know. I did wonder if I could shave it myself, but the gunk has pretty much solidified/matted and it's a rolly part of skin anyway. So off to the vet we go in an hour! Thanks guys :)
  12. jenzaar

    I think it's a hot spot? :/

    And thanks for your reply oscarmayer Glad you liked your reward [emoji14]
  13. jenzaar

    I think it's a hot spot? :/

    Gosh!!! I do remember a really bad hotspot on here a while back, wondering if that was yours. Now do you have to continually shave it down? Or just once is enough to keep it dried/prevent the ooze from sticking everything together? So far he's not too bothered by it, so fingers crossed he...
  14. jenzaar

    I think it's a hot spot? :/

    I looked a little through the site and I'm not sure where to start... i noticed on Monday a raw spot just behind Winslow's ear. It was the size of a dime. Nowwww.. it is not so small. And after reading about hot spots (which i had thought of, and then blew off!!!) I'm thinking this should have...
  15. jenzaar

    Bulldog in deep grief

    Oh gosh, i am so sorry. The picture did it for me, and I'm here crying for you and Custer. So deeply sorry for your loss, and for his grieving. :(
  16. jenzaar

    5 year old female bulldog looking for a home -- Maryland/DC area

    Crap. Have they referred her to a rescue? :( I'm pretty sure MABR does DC, i know we've had some in Maryland recently.
  17. jenzaar

    We going to the Rockies momma

    Oh the name just came to me - Johnston Canyon. It was on the way into Banff, coming from Calgary. :)
  18. jenzaar

    We going to the Rockies momma

    Luckyyy pups! We went with my mom over the summer (and stopped at this waterfall -omg forget the name! ) Simply amazing there. Did the gondola and a nice hike too. I love me some mountains! Looks like you had a beautiful time [emoji813]
  19. jenzaar

    Getting Chunky ready for a saddle

    I imagine you fall for those eyes all day long!
  20. jenzaar

    My Sunday Accomplishments

    It was! And watermelon face is right, i found his cheeks were stained pink! Haha love it :)