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    Best toy ever.

    where can I find one of these?!
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    Help Needed! Desperate for help!!!!

    I spoke with our vet again today, and I picked up Phytovet PSS Antiseborrheic Shampoo and more Gentaspray. She also talked about Manuka honey as a topical treatment but does not know much about and will do more research and get back to me. She said she is going to contact a dog dermatologist...
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    Daily poll: How does your bulldog let you know they need to go out?

    Both my boys will ring their bell hung on the wall by the patio door, but they also ring it to let me know they just want to go out and play!
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    Help Needed! Desperate for help!!!!

    2BullyMama, thank you for your help that was wonderfully nice of you! I wonder though, are there actual dog dermatologists? My vet says she specializes in doggie dermatology too....(?) but should I be looking for someone more 'official'???
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    Help Needed! Desperate for help!!!!

    Thank you all so much for your recommendations and concerns. They currently are on the 12 week food trial of Taste of the Wild, Venison and Buffalo. I switched them from Nature's Recipe Lamb and Rice and then from Nature's Recipe Venison. The vet did the culture and sensitivity which showed...
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    Help Needed! Desperate for help!!!!

    :please:I'm here hoping someone is familiar with some skin issues my bully has been experiencing and can possibly guide me in the right direction. I know bulldogs generally have a lot of skin problems but I am so stumped and frustrated and feeling super guilty about this one. I have two...