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  1. Maruko

    Help Needed! Anyone familiar w/Demodex Mange?!! Walter was just diagnosed...

    Maruko had Mange when she was about 4 mos old. It stayed localized, but the vet prescribed three rounds of Ivermectin taking orally. It took us about two months to finally see good result. It's a long fighting process for Demodex Mange, but it will get better! I have done some researches when...
  2. Maruko

    How many raise there bulldogs in apartments instead of a house

    I raised mine in a two bedroom apartment on second floor. And now we are expecting our second one soon : ) Potty training is more difficult especially during the night. What I did is to place the wee wee pad on balcony and hang a bell on the balcony door. I take her our to balcony for the first...
  3. Maruko

    I have a genius, and I think you will agree!

    Yes Vegas! You are a smart boy! All bully friends here probably learn words associated with food the fastest:biglaugh: ! My baby would run to her bowl when she hear "dinner" :) 
  4. Maruko

    She better stop growing soon!

    Very cute!! I wish they stop growing too! They grow way too fast!! I miss old times when I can put mine on my lap :)
  5. Maruko

    [Suggestion?] Getting Spayed While Treating Red Mange?

    I want to post an update here in case someone with the same question comes across to this topic. Maruko's mange is getting better now, after 3 weeks' treatment, it went worse for about a week. She got red bumps all over her and mange was spreading quicker than before. But after that week, she...
  6. Maruko

    I have to share what sweet Wally did last night...

    wow! That is very sweet!! It's one of the best thing to see them get alone and show their love!
  7. Maruko

    What to expect/ prepare to introduce a second bulldog to family?

    Thank you all for all the good tips! We need to wait till next month to bring the new baby home. Our current dog sleeps in the bedroom with us but on her own bed next to us :)I'm worried she wont sleep if the little one is in his crate in the same room. lol We will see what happens! It's a...
  8. Maruko

    What to expect/ prepare to introduce a second bulldog to family?

    Thank you David! Sounds like it will take a lot proper training to get them to be good friend. :)
  9. Maruko

    What to expect/ prepare to introduce a second bulldog to family?

    Totally understand your feeling! We don't want to wait too long as we heard the younger the better and easier to introduce new member, especially introducing a puppy that is more energetic.
  10. Maruko

    One month anniversary for my puppy

    He is adorable!!! Time flies and they grow so fast! Take lots lots of pics!:yes:
  11. Maruko

    What to expect/ prepare to introduce a second bulldog to family?

    So my husband and I are thinking to bring a new friend into our family as we feel Maruko is very lonely during the day. We are still debating as we have no clue what to expect during the adjustment period, and are a little concerned whether she could accept a new sibling or not. :whew: Our...
  12. Maruko

    So sad...

    Horrible horrible people!!!! I could never understand why ppl would want to have a dog if they don't love them. Poor baby! Five years! :chapped: Hope my small donation can help.
  13. Maruko

    DIY Fruits, Veggies, home cookies & special treats DIY???? HELP

    Hi, I saved a very useful website that includes a good amount of homemade organic treat recipes. I have made several for my bully and she loved it! Hope its useful for you!
  14. Maruko

    Miss tink gets spayed tomorrow

    Hi, good luck on the surgery and hope Miss Tink will recover soon:)
  15. Maruko

    [Suggestion?] Getting Spayed While Treating Red Mange?

    Thank you all for your replies! I'm leaning towards to have her spayed at this time, and your answers really helped me to feel better about this. I will talk to the vet and thanks for sharing the questions to ask the Vet. :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Maruko

    [Suggestion?] Getting Spayed While Treating Red Mange?

    Hi everyone! I need your help on this! Unfortunately Maruko was diagnosed with Demodex mange two weeks ago, it's localized, about three of a nickel sized spots. So the Vet has been giving her ivermectin to take orally every day. She will finish her 2 weeks dosage by this Sunday. These spots...
  17. Maruko

    Omg have all seen this???

    This is horrible!!! The person is a monster to do this to this innocent girl! Is there a do notation link where I can help? innocent Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Maruko

    demodectic mange?

    Hi! I'm going through the same thing now and Maruko just turned to 5mos old. We are using iVermectin as well, she has three small spots. None on face. Please keep us updated how the treatment goes. I read online about nu stock, I ordered it to apply on her. Hopefully it will help to shorten the...
  19. Maruko

    I need help

    Hi! Please keep us updated! Maruko got same red spots as yours, I thought its allergy or skin infection but coming from vet today, it's mange... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk