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  1. upsfeeder88

    Our bulldogs~ Then and Now

    Boomer as a pup and now at 11 1/2! ENJOY!
  2. upsfeeder88

    Bella met her new brothers today!

    They are adorable. Of course we are fond of Boomer, Bruno or Brutus for names! Congratulations and Good Luck! Here is what Boomer looked like as a pup over 11 years ago.
  3. upsfeeder88!

    My English bulldog Boomer has had allergies for bout 2-3 years now. I totally understand what you are going through. Boomer just turned 11 in February and weights about 75-80lbs. For the past year I tried most of the remedies that you listed. Licking the paws to the point that they bubbled up...
  4. upsfeeder88

    Food for Acid Reflux

    Boomer just turned 11 and has been on Taste of the Wild for the past two or three years. He has recently developed an occasional gagging reflex a few times a day. It usually occurs when he is shifting positions while lying down. He gives two gagging reflex's, which look like a cat throwing up a...
  5. upsfeeder88

    Jewel's Trip To The ER

    That is terrible news. BoomerBoy and I wish u the best of luck and hope Jewel makes a full recovery!
  6. upsfeeder88

    My Girl Joey - A Story and A Journey

    What a terrible ordeal. From Northeast PA Boomerboy and I are so happy that Joey pulled through. Hopefully she is back to normal in no time.
  7. upsfeeder88

    baby litter of 7 need help

    That is so sad. I hope they can figure out the problem. I am so sorry!
  8. upsfeeder88

    Lump in fergies under belly

    Sorry to hear about the issue that Fergie is having. Boomer also had a lump Sorry to hear about the issue Fergie is having. My bully Boomer is also 10 years young and had a few lumps developed on his belly and top of his neck. The vet was certain that they were fatty tumors, which is common...
  9. upsfeeder88

    Well, we have officially declared Dozer…

    Congratulations finding some success for Dozer. Boomer sends his love and support!
  10. upsfeeder88

    Bulldog weight

    Boomer is 10 1/2 years old. Most recently he weighed in at 82lbs 37.2K. He is healthy, lazy, stubborn & happy!
  11. upsfeeder88

    The loss of my little boi, Boobies

    So sorry to hear of the loss of BOOBIES! He is a beautiful looking bullyboy. BOOMER and I send our sincere sympathy for your loss. You are in all of our hearts, thoughts and prayers! BOOMER sends you a stubborn stare and slobber kiss. The Carmeci's
  12. upsfeeder88

    ~ENTER HERE~ 5th Annual Bulldog GRINCH Contest!

    Your a mean one Boomer Grinch!
  13. upsfeeder88

    ~ENTER HERE~ December Bulldog of the Month ~ Holly Jolly Bulldogs

    This is Boomer waiting for Santa by the Xmas tree to bring him treats!