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  1. PenelopeRosebud

    Penelope's 15 minutes of Fame :)

    Hi Noyes27 Well, they did notify us, but it was at least a couple hours after the photo went up on their website. Of course now I wish I'd taken a photo of her beside George Clooney :) In any case, every week there are the cutest animal pics on People magazine online.
  2. PenelopeRosebud

    EBN on Twitter

    Greetings Site Officials :) I am wondering about the status of EBN on twitter? It seems the new thread tweets are providing links to facebook only and not to the EBN site. Is this a permanent change? If feedback is being considered, I very much preferred the previous format of your twitter...
  3. PenelopeRosebud

    Keep away from Banks

    Awww.... thanks for sharing 2BullyMama. They are so darned cute! Penelope still refuses to play with a ball even though her brother goes nuts for them.
  4. PenelopeRosebud

    Other In need of some positive vibes and prayers

    RiiSi Bulldog kisses and prayers for Voitto. He is so beautiful and as always, your photos are the best!
  5. PenelopeRosebud

    Dozer Update 3 wks after adoption

    Thanks 2BullyMama We will look forward to it!
  6. PenelopeRosebud

    Penelope's 15 minutes of Fame :)

    Penelope Rosebud has her own twitter account (@MissPennyRose) and last week we sent a photo in to People Pets for their Cutest Pets on Twitter contest. So, there I was browsing magazine sites on friday, and on the People magazine site, in Pets, is our own Penny Rose beside George Clooney...
  7. PenelopeRosebud

    Dozer Update 3 wks after adoption

    Thanks for this 2BullyMama It is a relief to know there are bulldogs who manage. This is what we hope and pray for as far as our Dozer goes. He is so active! He runs and jumps more than any bulldog I've ever met. We have switched him to a raw diet and will keep his weight where it should...
  8. PenelopeRosebud

    Dozer Update 3 wks after adoption

    Thanks Davidh It is such a blessing to have this site and all the expertise of the many bulldog lovers here. Dozer is completely mobile and very active. We've changed his diet and he is getting lots of exercise. The puppies will be a year old in three weeks and we are about to switch to a new...
  9. PenelopeRosebud

    Dozer Update 3 wks after adoption

    RAKA Bulldogs Thanks Michelle - it's good to see another to compare. We won't take any evasive action until and unless necessary. He is definately completely mobile at this stage and we have a good routine now in place. He is getting the best food and good exercise and doing so great! Just...
  10. PenelopeRosebud

    Bully kisses

    JeannieCO I can't seem to get the option to browse images in a new message so I am cheating and tagging you and attaching these 2 frames for your Valentine's enjoyment. I apologize for intruding on the thread :) Love this photo!
  11. PenelopeRosebud

    Bully Kisses for Valentine's Day

    Happy Valentine's Day everybully to you and whoever you like to hold paws with :)from Penny & Dozer
  12. PenelopeRosebud

    EBN on Twitter

    Hi All. I noticed last week changes to EBN's twitter account. The tweets were showing a new thread posted under what category, but we could no longer see the Subject Line as was the case previous. Now I am noticing new thread advisory tweets are not happening at all? Can someone advise if...
  13. PenelopeRosebud

    Other Voitto is HUU clear!

    Oh RiiSi that is such good news! The are so incredibly cute together. Adorabull...
  14. PenelopeRosebud

    Just had to share

    Awwwww Crystal Morris sooooooo very cute. Makes me think of Hershey's Hugs, a delicious swirl of brown and white chocolate. Mmmmmmmm....
  15. PenelopeRosebud

    Oscar and Marla

    RAKA Bulldogs Oscar and Marla are so beautiful! So boy and so girl already just like my smooshies :)
  16. PenelopeRosebud

    I witnessed behavior I've never seen before

    Sometimes there are birds and bees... sometimes the bees only like other bees. All love is good!
  17. PenelopeRosebud

    Lola and Lucy

    They are both so beautiful and absolutely adorabull together! Looking forward to many, many more photos as I am sensing these 2 are just one photo op after another :)
  18. PenelopeRosebud

    Supplementing kibble with raw food?

    Hi emmaandchubbs We are on a raw diet and I learned a couple things while researching the change from kibble to raw. Most importantly, raw food and kibble/cooked food will digest very differently and should not be combined in the same meal. Much like people, different foods will digest...
  19. PenelopeRosebud

    Keeping your bulldog active???

    Penelope highly recomends getting another bulldog. Since her brother came to live with us three weeks ago, every day is full of wrestling, chasing, playing , wrestling, chasing, playing. They are well-exercised every day no matter how much walking weather permits :) and sleep like little...
  20. PenelopeRosebud

    Learning a new trick

    Awwwww that is so cute. We've had our Dozer for 3 weeks now. He has never had any training but the one thing he does know is HIGH 5. Sometimes he does it first, like his was of asking for something he sees or smells and wants. He fully expects a food reward though!